Five on Friday!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday!

hi!!  happy friday.
but most importantly happy first fish fry friday of lent.
this is seriously one of my favorite seasons.
i mean, lent isn't a season - but fish fry season is totally a season.
you know what i mean?
let me know if there are some good places we need to check out on fridays!
we are always open to hitting up some new spots.

since it's been awhile i just wanted to check in with some fun stuff.
a top five like the good ole days.

jon and i both gave up facebook for lent.
so i totally thought blogging more was a great way to keep people updated on our life.
and honestly, i felt like i needed to get away from facebook so bad.
at night when we would have everyone come and lay on the couch and start relaxing for the night - boom - electronics, every where.
one night i looked around and it was just out of control.
both kids on their ipads, jon and i on our phones, the tv playing but no one paying a lick of attention.
i hated it.
something had to change.
so we are detoxing from facebook for the next 40 days.
i mean you can still find us if you look up our names, but we have deleted it from our phones completely.  maybe jon logs into his at work, idk.  lol.  
kidding babe (i know you are reading this and making that face right now).
i already am getting so many other things done instead of scrolling through my phone.
i am still on instagram - you can check me out here:

we have a problem.  we go out to eat ALL of the time.
it's like our thing.  we love going out to eat.
and as easy and as fast as it was, it was adding up.
jon totally spearheaded this change for us  and we have started cooking at home so much more now!
i love it!  we have been watching cooking shows and stella is really getting into kids baking championship.
she is determined she will be on there some day - you go girl!

we have been doing some projects lately.
our exterior is getting a HUGE reno soon.
we are so excited about that.
post coming soon.
but we recently painted some interior doors black and changed out some light fixtures.
before picture here only showing the doors, promise we did NOT buy that light.... yikes!
the funny part about all of this is what we hopped on this project all because one light bulb went out.
ha - i mean go and buy a new $5 light bulb or repaint and add new new fixtures.
i mean why would you buy a new light fixture?
we have a closet reno coming soon too.
so much fun stuff!!

along with getting our crazy life together we are focusing on being healthier too.
i have been digging hot tea lately.
i can't get enough.
we were going back to flex and doing some personal training as well.  holla!
ok, now i can't sit here and say we are on point all of the time.
i did eat an entire sleeve of girl scout thin mint cookies in about an hour.
but we are trying!

life is good.
all in all life is really good.
we are happy, healthy, and doing fun stuff.
we totally needed to take a step back from going, going, going and figure out what works best for our family.
and that is totally more time at home, more family meals around the table, more family game nights, more laughs and much, much less running.

we hope you have a great weekend!
hopefully we will check back in on monday - fingers crossed.