Le Tote

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Le Tote

hi everyone!!
sorry, i'm alive.  just been busy.
S&H have been at their daddy's for too long and i am ready to see them tonight.
BUT since they have been gone it's been operation get.shit.done.
and we have one exciting birthday party happening saturday.
whew, busy bodies.
anyways, since i am too too busy for just about anything else i recently discovered the most AMAZING thing ever.  and i am here to tell you about it.
it's called:
basically you just sit comfortably at your computer and pick out clothes that you like, can see yourself wearing, that are your style and they get added to your "closet."
they always have accessories too - yay!
you also add all your measurements, weight, height so they know the right size to send you.
once a month FIVE of these babies will be delivered to your door for you to wear for a whole month.
three articles of clothing, two accessories
after the month is up, package them up, send them back and once they have your items they will send you five more new things!
ummm - easy!!
and you don't even have to wash the clothes.  whattttt!!  my kinda deal!
even better - if you LOVE something they sent you and you don't want to send it back, you don't have to!
just keep it and they will send you an invoice.
i mean are you in love yet or what?!
all for $50!!
let me tell you, i go to target, often.  and i never leave with a dang thing for myself.
this is one way to just kinda reward myself every month.  and i think we all deserve a little reward here and there..
so let's talk about what my first box contained.

this adorable wrap dress!  
a little too short to wear to work.  but it's super cute!!
this purple tank.  i mean purple in my first box?  do they know me or do they know me!

a little too see through for work - but would be cute for a night out on the town.
however i have forgotten what those are like.  lol.  because i go to bed at 9:00.
ha - kidding.  PS see that necklace she is wearing.  i got that too.
and i have worn it 342390 times already i swear.  i LOVE IT!
see here - cute.  adorable.  love.
ps - totally nailed this pinterest inspiration if i do say so myself!
oh and then there's this black shirt that i can't stop wearing!!
it's SO comfy and goes with so much!
new blue skinnies - check
pencil skirt for work - check
in love with this shirt - seriously it might not go back!!
and then these earrings.  cute cute cute!
half ass top knot/messy bun for dirty hair?  put these earrings on and no one will be able to tell you hair looks crazy!  ha - so easy.  lol.

so there you have it.  your closet NEEDS Le Tote.
AND even better if you recommend friends you get perks.  so if you think, ok, sold, i need this.
just click on the little link below and your closet will start whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
i know mine does.



Anonymous said...

As the mall was seriously failing me last night I was thinking ughh why did I not sign up for Le Tote when Cassie told me about it??!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that the clothes and jewelry you are getting is something someone else has used and returned? Or do they send it new?


Amanda aka Manda said...

Love these! May need to check this out!