Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

holy long weekend.  please, just one more day.
it was like 60s this morning and perfect just wana lay in bed all morning weather.
but i put on my real life clothes and dealt with it.  damn this adult crap.
so let's catch up on the long weekend.....
Sami's Shenanigans
thursday before i left work - i had made it to the championship round of the SMW Summer Olympics Ping Pong Tournament.  i bet you didn't know about my ping pong talents now did you?
well, guess what, i didn't either.  ha.  but my partner and i battled through four tough rounds and came out....
oh and it felt so good.
ha - we work so so hard don't we??  lol.  but it was a great way to go into the weekend.
especially since i took off friday.
so thursday night jon ran to DQ and grabbed an ice cream cake while i cleaned the kids up in the bath.
nana came over and we FaceTimed Danielle and Lacie and called it a party!!
happy everyone!!
friday morning everyone slept in (never wake a birthday boy) and then we headed to ck for breakfast with papa.  henry of course being the center of attention got balloons delivered to CK from lacie and phil!  they even had a tractor on them.  happy henry!!
of course he's spoiled there and got two birthday pancakes.  one that looked like a birthday cake and one that looked like the coolest firetruck EVER!  nice job CK!!
after we had our bellies full we headed home to fill up the pool and soak up some sun!
then after lunch papa headed over with henry's big birthday present!!
i'm not sure who was more excited, the giver or receiver.  lol.
but how cool is his new - John Deere GATOR!!
henry would of course rather sit in the back and mess with the tailgate, but that didn't bother sister one bit!
before we knew it it was time for daddy to spend time with the birthday boy and he came to pick them up.
jon and i had bought a groupon for a vodka tour so we headed out for that.
it was for Mastermind Vodka, in Pontoon Beach, IL.  yes, don't judge by the town, ayi.
but oh my goodness their vodka was AMAZING!!
like so amazing i'm pretty sure i woke up the next morning thinking, how did i get here.
and then of top of it, crap i have to get up and work at CK.
PTL it was only for breakfast and once i got home i crashed for a much needed nap!
later that night i met up with my bff and we sipped on some summer sangria that the weingarten had for their last day of summer.  oh my goodness it was amazing!!
it was an early night in because it looked like it was gona storm like a mofo.
and i'm pretty sure i was sleeping by ten.  momma can't hang anymore people.  it's sad.
sunday was a nice morning walk with S&H and abbie.  who had to be carried through the end of it.
poor baby i think is getting close to the end.  it's not good.  she can't handle much anymore.
i took everyone back to josh's house and i headed home for some deep deep house cleaning.
ahhhh - my house looked and felt so much better.
once jon got off work i met up with him and we headed out for some camping.
the weather thankfully cooled down and it was a fun night!
yesterday S&H were still with daddy because it was his holiday, so i had to keep occupied.
sitting at home i would have lost it thinking, i just need my babies!!  ok, who am i kidding, i can't stop thinking about them!!  just come home babies.
jon and i hit up his mom and dad's pool in the early afternoon and then headed to my house to do some yard work.  my neighbor sold me all of these hostas for $20!  whattttt!!  they look awesome!
don't mind the fact that we still need sod and mulch.  we're getting there....
the odom's came by for a visit and to go through some clothes, then we headed back out for some more swimming and dinner and cards.  nice way to end the weekend.
and now i sit at work with a FRIED face.  literally, it hurts to smile.  i just want to lay with cabbage leaves on my face all day until the burning goes away....
this face/forehead/burnt nose reads - my everything hurts and i need more coffee.  don't even think about messing with me today.
ha - happy tuesday!!


Adrien said...

Country Kitchen is amazing!! Sounds like you had a very full and fun holiday weekend. :) I suck at ping pong, so I'm totally jealous of your skills, haha.

Anonymous said...

I love that you FaceTimed the party :)
I adored the weather this morning!
I am definitely not ready to be back at work!

Musings of a Childless Mama said...

Hi Cassie...:) It sounds like a fun wknd!!! I love your house. It looks adorable! Your babies are so sweet, too. And it seems that you have found love again. Congrats!!! I just started following you a few wks ago:)

Anonymous said...

so so sweet of Lacie & Phil to have balloons delivered to CK. :)

How old is Abbie??! Last I saw her she didn't seem to be slowing down much. Poor girl.

I have a burnt face too. I think you might have mine beat though. haha

Jen @ That's What She Read said...


The Pink Growl said...

Your face doesn't look so bad! And your eyes look gorgeous! :) I want to go on a vodka tour!

Myssie Pillers said...

Vodka tour?!?! Who knew!! I am with you...just can't hang anymore. I would be fall-down-drunk after one drink, fo-realz!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Vodka tour?!? Ok, I'm definitely coming to visit to go on that! And your face doesn't look bad! You should see my lobster face when I burn. Yuck!