Funnies and Flags

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Funnies and Flags

hello friends.
i need a good laugh today.
ptl i have the best sisters and the best friends ever.
they successfully came through with these extremely relevant ecards:
yep - it's like a given.  ha.
really, it is cute.  smh.

also my sister is like crazy crafty.
see my older sister did the whole master's degree thing.
so she's the favorite because of that.
my little sister is a person honestly no one doesn't like.
she has that easy going personality.
and she's crafty.
ok danielle you are too, together you guys are a great team. 
i mean hello did you see my bridal shower? cute cute cute!
good thing i just keep popping out children and keeping my parents happy with babies.
ha - we all gotta do whatever it takes, right?
anyways, on to my crafty sister.
she found this on pinterest
and of course made it
super cute right.
yes danielle - i immediately said i wanted one.
and yes if the second one doesn't turn out as good as the first i will take it.
you know me too well sister.
but for real - that's super cute right?
just an old t-shirt and some paint.
get yourself a cute red cami and a strapless bra - super cute.
and you'll be ready to redneck it up for the fourth of july.
kidding it's not that redneck it really is cute!
e-mail me and i will have lacie make you one.
she doesn't know i offered that though, but i'll be fine.
have a happy wednesday!



Ashley Mitchell said...

I completely understand the sister thing, not sure if i would survive with out them, blood or adopted :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Lacie!!! I wish I was crafty or tried to be crafty hahaha

A blog I follow she made an american flag shirt also, but she made it seem like A LOT of work. I'm pretty sure I got to the 3rd step and I quit reading! hahah

Kacie said...

Want that tank top!!!!! So cute! And when Lacie pinned that top card I cracked up....and liked it :)

Sami said...

Ca-ute!! You are gonna be one hot momma on 4th of July!