Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day

we had a great father's day weekend.
we hosted the steibel family on saturday at our house for a BBQ and pool party.
and it was great!
sunday was total chill day.
and ended with dinner at jon's grandparents house.
couldn't ask for a better weekend.
the kids chose to get jon a new game for family game night.
he might be the only 30 year old i know who was genuinely excited about getting a bingo game for father's day.
and we've already played four games.

the today show posted a video the other day that caught my attention.
i thought it was the absolute perfect words to share with jon on this father's day.

a dad isn’t always defined by DNA, sometimes dads are the men who entire our lives by circumstances and choose to love us.
it doesn’t matter how you came into our lives. 
it is what you have done, that has made all of the difference.
you didn’t have to marry an instant family.
you didn’t have to choose a packaged deal.
you didn’t have to read me bedtime stories.
you didn’t have to scare the monsters away.
you didn’t have to teach me to ride a bike.
you didn’t have to help coach my teams.
you didn’t have to stay up with me all night when I was sick.
you didn’t have to come to every game.
you didn’t have to endure the moments when yelled at you and said you weren’t my dad.
you didn’t have to love me.
you didn’t have to become my friend.
you didn’t have to be my dad.
but you chose to.
Thank you for being you!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Deck Makeover Part I

well we made sure to pick the hottest weekend of the year so far to start our outdoor deck project.
ha - of course we did.
i really can't say "we" a lot in the post.
it was like 90% jon.
the only 10% for me was the night we went to home depot and got supplies.
and moral support.
i mean those are two very important parts of any project.
making sure we buy the right materials, colors, equipment, etc.
and making good glasses of water, an occasional smoothie, and constant supervision with non-stop words of encouragement are given.
you're doing great.
it's looking good.
the back of your neck may hurt but think of the tan you are getting.
i mean, it's vital, i tell you what.

anyways, back to the deck.
the deck project has been on our radar since we moved in.
it has been painted before, a few years back.
and was in need of some love.
it's old and on it's last leg, but we need it to get us through about three more years.
and then we have some more plans.
can we say inground pool?!?
anyways - three years.
let's get back to present day.
so home depot was running a sale on behr paint.
and we LOVE a good sale.
and going to home depot on friday nights.
next thing we knew - we had a truck full.
see those 5 gallon buckets, each run about $150.
however behr was running a $40 rebate on each of those gallons.
so yeah - we pretty much stole two gallons.
we weren't sold on a color just yet, but we wanted to get in on the sale.
so did you know if you buy the paint and bring back your receipt they will tint your paint FOR FREE.
another thing we love.
sales and free stuff.
so then in true jon and cassie DIY style, we let the supplies sit in our garage for a few weeks.
we waited for the hottest weekend and decided to power wash.
literally 10 hours of power washing on saturday.
just remember that back of the neck tan.  totally worth it.
sunday we washed the deck.
this stuff was a miracle worker.
like an amazing concoction comes through the hose and it's like ahhhh this deck looks so much cleaner.
seriously, no joke.
we were HORRIBLE diy-ers and didn't take a before picture.
luckily we still had some from when our house was for sale.
thank you zillow.
just take a look at this
you can see a few spots where it's pretty worn.
a few spots were it's really worn.
and just a lot of spots that need love.
AFTER 10 hours of power washing and using the wood cleaner.
and another before
AFTER power washing and wood cleaner

of course it rained sunday evening.
and rain is scheduled for monday.
and we need 24 hours of dry weather before we can wait.
our goal is to hopefully start tuesday.
we are excited for the after of this project.
we are going with a two-toned color and i think it's going to look really nice.
stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Being A Mom

mother’s day is right around the corner.
crazy to believe this is my 7th mother’s day.
which is nothing compared to so many others out there.
but still hard for me to believe that i have been winging this mom thing for seven years now.
and that’s exactly it, totally winging it.
i mean do any of us really know how to do this?
every day i lay down and think, i shouldn’t have done that, or said that, or i should have been there sooner, or made this, or bought that, or had them wear this, or i wonder how they felt when that happened.
it never stops.
let’s face it – we have a lot on our plates.
it’s a constant worry.
or the days when you turn into ursela at the ending of little mermaid.
and then you regret every.single.thing you said.
and you just lay there waiting for them to wake up in the morning so you can kiss them and tell them you’re sorry and you love them so much.

i remember the sleepless nights.
which seem so long ago.
and the fresh new smells.
and the carrying them everywhere.
so many days i miss that.
and so many days i remember my kids can feed and bathe themselves.
all while i can sit on the couch for two peaceful minutes before someone yells for me to make sure they got all the conditioner out of their hair, or they need me to wash their back.
and i am up and back in mom mode again.
but honestly, i couldn’t imagine it any other way.
7 years ago if you would have said my favorite job is being a mom i would have been hesitate.
i never saw myself as the “mom” type.
but man i love it.
i absolutely love this job.
every single hard and stressful part about this job.
i love it.
i cry daily because of something awesome that they did, something really sweet they said, or a random act of kindness they did for a friend/neighbor/classmate/anyone.
trust me there are days i also cry because i feel like a total failure.

being a mom makes me proud.
but it also makes me scared, nervous, and total worrywart.
always hoping you are planning the best future for them.
teaching them good life lessons.
teaching them hard life lessons.
teaching them in general.

and then there are days when get a random “mom, when you are old i will push your wheelchair into church for you.”
and its oddly weird but perfectly genuine.
makes you think, how in the world did that thought cross their mind?
and all you can do is smile, thank them, cry (because that’s all i do), and remember that everything is going ok.

so to all the moms out there who read this post.
you’re not alone.
we are all winging it.
we are all cry baby worry warts.

i hope your mother’s day is full of every single ounce of love you deserve.

even if you only get to sit down for two seconds.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I Wore

linking up with the pleated poppy for what i wore.

it's no secret 75% of my wardrobe is black, black and more black.
BUT occasionally i wear an outfit out of my realm.
exhibit a.
i loved this outfit.
nothing makes you feel better than walking into panera with a freebie on your rewards card and a compliment from the cashier.
nice little pick me up i have to say.
navy wide legs capris from old navy.
v-neck blouse from small town style.
heels from payless.

let's talk bralettes.
i was timid.
didn't know if a 30 year old mom should wear one.
so i started with the "sporty" version.
and..... i like it!
whole outfit from small town style.
and these black nikes are like a daily in my house.

my go to spring friday out.
aka - when i actually get to wear jeans to work.
i love this outfit.
just heavy enough if it's cool in the morning.
but not too winter dark.
win win for everything.
and a head to toe look from small town style.

for more outfits head over to my instagram and follow along.