Wesley's Birth Story

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wesley's Birth Story

crazy to think wesley is already over two months old.
i better recap this while it's still fresh in my mind.
but let's be honest do we ever forget childbirth.
besides it being so amazing and mind blowing that we can grow a human.
there's usually something that happens that'll always make you remember.
in this case, my son better go pro with the shoulders i had to deliver.....

per the typical my kids know exactly what momma likes.
everything planned.
and everything to go exactly as planned.
i HATE surprises.
everyone kept saying i was going to go on my own.
i said nope, my kids know better.
i had a planned scheduled induction on his due date.
and that's what we did.
we got the call around 6:30 to let us know that we could head in.
i told the nurse we lived over an hour away.
(another reason my kids know better than to spring labor on me)
i also told her i would be taking the kids to school that morning and then we would be in.
so expect us around 9:00.

so we did just that.
once we got there we got all checked in and they wasted NO time.
they hooked me up and broke my water all before 10:30.
and wow - that crochet hook - whew!
she went in for it.
my cervix was really far back.
or so she tells me.
i was pretty sure she was just waving that thing around in there like harry potter.
finally she broke it.
and it took FOREVER for me to dilate.
while we waited jon had the show Wicked Tuna on TV.
ha - every time i see it on TV now i think, wow i never thought Wicked Tuna would be playing in the background while i'm up in the stirrups giving birth.
once my water was broke jon called my mom to give her an update.
she made it up to the hospital around noon.

we chilled for a bit and then it was time for the epidural.
remember with stella i thought i was super woman and didn't want an epidural.
bahahaha - i got to a nine and pretty much screamed "GIVE ME THE DRUGS!"
oh to be young and so naive again.....
with henry i got to like a 4/5 and said, i'm ready.
same song and dance here.  when i finally got to about a 5 i was ready.
dude no joke the anesthesiologist was totally into wicked tuna while he was fixing me up.
like dude hey, pay attention.  lol.
before i knew it i couldn't feel my legs.
after then it was nigh nigh time.

while jon continued watching wicked tuna.

by this time it was about 3:30 - 4:00
jon and my mom decided to head down and get some coffee while i slept.
when they left i was maybe at like a 7.
i slept for what felt like five minutes.
next thing i knew i had pressure.
so much pressure.
i hit the button for the nurse and asked her to come in because i was feeling a lot of pressure.
as jon and my mom were getting off the elevator they heard the nurse say my room number and that i was feeling a lot of pressure.
jon freaked and took off darting to the room.
pretty sure he beat the nurse in the room.
i had this like ball shaped like a peanut between my legs and man that must have done the trick.
when she came in she pulled that baby out and said "oh yeah, you're ready!"
they went and called the doc.
of course they're like he will be here in 10 minutes.
and 10 minutes feels like 45.
oh i was feeling it.

my doc is so chill.
he just comes strolling in like - you ready to have a baby.
all while i'm looking at him like "no time for jokes here doc!"
but seriously i love him.

they got all set up, and before i knew it we were pushing.
one push.
wow look at all that hair.
two pushes.
come on cassie one more big push.
three pushes.
that's when the shoulders came out.....
yeah usually it's one shoulder than the other.
nope, not this broad shouldered baby.
and he ripped me right up the front.
pretty sure jon's face was priceless.
he honestly kept saying it tore so fast.
ha - thanks babe!

but that's it, three pushes and this most perfect baby boy was laid on my chest.
all 7 pounds and 13 ounces of him.

with wicked tuna still playing in the background.

jon did all the cool dad things, cut the cord, got the cool footprint on his hand.
he was glowing.
wes was taking it all like a champ.

so many things change from year to year.
they don't clean the babies anymore until they are 12 hours old.
isn't that crazy!
we didn't care, he was too cute to put down.
before we knew it brother and sister were there and we were complete.
ahhhh - it was so awesome.
all three of my babies together for the first time.
it just felt complete.
it felt so good.
life is good.
welcome wesley.
and thank you, thank you for letting me be your momma.
thank you for joining our family.
thank you for giving me all these amazing feelings.
i love you so much.