Birthday Time

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Time

So now that Stella is officially nine months, that means that her first birthday is in just THREE short months!  WHAT?!!?  Crazy. 
I said after her 9 month birthday I can now officially start planning (even though I have been googling for a few weeks now).
So we are going with a pink and zebra themed birthday party.  Caaaauuuutttee!
Oh and because we both have good size families, the guest list is officially at 114 people, including the three of us.  GULP!  Yes, I said 114.  You would think it's a small wedding reception.  Anyways, you know you can go through the list though and narrow it down to people you know won't come (that puts us at 98 people total) and then the maybes (82 people).  So we are probably looking to have around 90 people attend.  Again, GULP.  So of course this shin-dig is NOT at our house.  It's at the KC Hall.  Yes, I (ok, Grandma and Grandpa) have rented out a HALL for my daughter's FIRST birthday.  Lordy.  But only the best for my little baby, right.  : )
 So here is what we I have in mind....
Now what one year old wouldn't LOVE a cake like this?  I know Brinley would.  Baha, God bless Brinley's Mom's heart.  I bet this cake cost a fortune.  We are looking at the "cheaper" version of this.
And how about these Thank You cards?!!?  Lurve them!
And look what Target has?!!?  YAY!  However, I am hoping they go on sale or I find a coupon.
And a table cloth!!  Again, a little pricey.
We might just have to stick to alternating pink and black plates and table cloths.  Anyone have a 50th birthday party recently and need someone to take some black stuff off your hands?!!?
That will work too be a lot cheaper!!
Here is a little board I found someone put together for their child's birthday.  LOVE the outfits/tutus.
And those balloons, I can totally diy that.  Just draw some lines with a thick sharpie, perfect!
And pink flowers on the tables, oh I can just see it now!
The invitation!!
Now, how cute is this?!!?  Yes, I know the time is not correct, but that's not what I'm going for people.
Did I mention I found this as a FREE download online.  Yep, this Momma will have a ZERO cost for her invitations.  Just need stamps!  Oh, I wonder if I can find zebra stamps.....
Anyways, I also have a cute banner for the front of her high chair that says Stella (thanks again Trina) and another little banner that holds a picture from each month!  So excited!

So to all of you Mom's out there who have already thrown your baby's 1st birthday party.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking about just making Stella's smash cake myself and then just baking white cupcakes and do pink icing with black sprinkles.  Because black icing, not cool.  Instead of doing a cake.  Or is a cake the better way to go?  Also, any fun ideas for the dessert/candy table?  And there will be a hand full of kids, so we will need some things to keep them busy.  Any ideas?  And what about favors/gift bags for the kiddos?  Or how about any good/cheap places to get party supplies. 
I need some help Mommas!!  I'm ready for your suggestions!!


Sarah said...

I went all out for Brody's too....I think we had like 60 people there (at a park)! I went to Party City for a lot of my stuff. I made a video of his whole life and had it on a loop for people to watch. A girl at work made him one of those big top cupcakes-so cute!! I also made those personalized choc bar wrappers....I did it in word-so easy! I have a template all done, if you want to use it....just email me.

Have fun planning!!

Cassie said...

I heard you went all out! I totally think you should have had the real monkey come!! That's all Abbigail would talk about. Too funny!
Where is the cloest Party City? South County?
Sweet, I will e-mail you in a bit. Thanks!!

Meagan said...

I love planning birthday parties!! I actually didn't go all out on Keegan's 1st bday but I also wasn't working at the time so I was limited to what I could do.

So far the cake...if you buy a cake they usually give you the smash cake for free, if you decide to go that route, but I like your idea of just making cupcakes for everyone. AND...since you will have a ton of people there you will need a ton of cupcakes so you could spell Stella with all of the cupcakes and make it into a cupcake cake!! Oh...btw I love the pink & zebra theme!!

Katie said...

cute cute cute!!

Ashley Kloth said...

I threw a bday for my mom and did pink and leopard print for her. I made cupcakes and my dad built a stacked tower to put them on. I ordered the cupcake papers online they were leopard print ( i will check at home for the website and let you know)and just tinted white icing pink. the stand worked out pretty well im sure josh could make one and I just decorated that. As far as ideas for games I have a bunch from Kaidens bday parties ect I could lend to you. As far as ideas for gift bags I go to dollar tree or deals because you can get a 10 pack of play dough for a buck the same for bubbles and puzzles so its a pretty cheap alternative to party stores.

ashley kloth said...

Cassie said...

Meagan - totally didn't know that about the cake thing, and getting the smash cake for free. Where from? IGA? Wal-Mart? Stoked!

Ashley - thanks for all of the ideas! I'm so excited!! Love the cupcake liners!

ashley kloth said...

no problem but just a hint...bake them in plain white liners and drop them in the zebra ones after they are cooked otherwise they will be greasy and faded...

Julia said...

Hey Cassie! I LoVe the pink and zebra. I was looking on Etsy for a baby shower gift and came across this and thought of Stella! Here is the link:
They have SO much cute stuff! Just thought I would share this with you incase you hadn't seen it yet:)

Cassie said...

Thanks Julia!! I have to pull myself away from etsy at least 3 times a week or else I would buy every single freaking thing. It's CRAZY! There is so much cute stuff!!!

Melissa Cheek said...

I make tutus in whatever colors you want. Just let me know if you want one made! I also did some bows lately in pink and zebra!