Confession Friday

Friday, November 5, 2010

Confession Friday

It's Friday!  YAY.  This morning when the alarm went off I literally had in my mind that it was Saturday.  Ugh, but it wasn't.  Oh well, tomorrow is. 
So I am doing pretty good, two weeks in a row with Confession Friday.  Watch out.  I'm on a roll. 
Here ya go, and don't forget to play along!!

I confess that I am so not ready for this -------->
Being a big girl. 
And walking before we know it. 
Melts my heart. 
What happened to my little baby?!?

I confess that I have a dentist appointment in two weeks so I just started flossing this past week.  Ha, yes I do this EVERY time thinking, "oh they won't be able to tell, two weeks of flossing in the past 6 months if fine."  Ok, really 3 weeks, because I totally floss for like a week after my 6 month cleaning, then quit, then start again two weeks before my next cleaning.  Ha, don't laugh, you know you do it too!

I confess that today is Stella's 9 month check up and I have a feeling we are going to be tipping the scales at 20 pounds.  Oh well, a big baby is a healthy baby, right?!

I confess that two people have bought Stella hats in the past month, one a ball cap and one a knitted beanie and neither fit.  Her head is so big!  It's not big like round, it's big like deep.  Cracks me up, oh well.

I confess that the soup I made the other night was awesome.  Literally awesome.  Until I found FOUR hairs in it.  Yep, my hairs.  Hahaha, the husbands LOVED that.  Note to self, don't get your hair thinned and then make dinner. 

I confess that met a guy from Craigslist in a Denny's parking lot in an area I didn't know very well this week.  I bought a camera from him.  He seemed cool via e-mail.  So I thought hey, no big deal, he won't harm me.  Ha, and he didn't, but when I told my friends and some co-workers they were like OMG someone should have went with you.  Oh well, I survived.  lol.

Alright, that's it.  Just some short and sweet confessions.  Now come on, fess up!  Have a good weekend!


Heather Rahn said...

Big heads mean big brains. Your baby is a genius.

Meagan said...

I totally do the same thing with flossing!! I mean, I'm lucky I have enough time to actually brush my teeth in morning so adding flossing to that would totally throw me off schedule!

I confess that I've gone to McDonalds every single day this week on my way to work. I'm out of soda at work and I haven't gone to the store yet so a $1 large soda works for me every morning!

erin said...

I confess that when moms bring their kids in the salon and don't watch them as they run around with suckers and play with all of my stuff I just want to scream THIS IS A SALON NOT A DAYCARE! I also confess I stole the T Swift cd. Accidentally. I swear. I was shopping at Target with my mom and when we went outside to the car with our two carts piled full I got everything in and finally picked up my purse and right there underneath was the cd.. I mean it was late and I was already outside so.. and my mom said I didn't mean it so it was ok. I still think karma is gonna get me. But this IS kinda like talking to a priest in that box right?

Katie said...

ok so this isnt a confession, but I just wanted to let Erin know I died laughing at the last sentence of her post. "But this IS kinda like talking to a priest in that box right?" hahahahaha "confession"

Cassie said...

bahahah, you two are crazy. hilarious.
that's ok erin, your t.swift story is safe with me. lol.