Sick Rick

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sick Rick

this sign should have been hanging on our front door this weekend.  seems as if that little incident with stella puking in our bed the other night was more than just some barf, it was her generously passing on a case of the flu to mommy and daddy.  thanks baby!!  when i dropped stella off at daycare on friday the director said she has five teachers out with the flu.  awesome.  when i got to work i started feeling worse and worse.  i was only working a half day so i could take stella to her nine month check-up so when i left at noon i called josh and he told me he wasn't feeling too good either.  i made it to get stella and we made it to target to grab a few things before her appointment.  i of course, left the parking lot workers a little present, whoops, and managed to not loose anything at the doctor's office.  the second i walked in the door at home i put stella down on the kitchen floor and the kitchen sink and i became bffs.  once daddy got home i took an hour nap thinking that would help, nope.  daddy woke me up because he needed to take care of some business if you know what i mean.  we both tried so hard to fight it until stella went to sleep but stella wasn't budging.  and our trips to the bathroom were becoming more and more frequent.  so we called in nana.  she came over and let us go to sleep and put stella to sleep.  thanks nana!!  of course stella didn't sleep well all night.  up about every three hours which did not help.  but when you are parents and you are sick, tough crap, you are only allowed to be 10% sick, the other 90% is still mommy or daddy.  of course stella was up bright and early at 5:00 the next day.  so, we were too.  we both still felt horrible.  around 7:00 i thought, who would be up at this time, ahh, kim.  so i texted her and asked if stella and landon could hang out until noon so that we could get some sleep.  she of course said heck yeah (PTL!)  we owe you guys!!  stella had a blast and we slept like we had never slept before.  finally around 3:00 on saturday i think i could say i was finally feeling good.  josh left to go hunting because he was feeling better too.  thank goodness it was only about a 24 hour bug but man it sucked.
oh and let's not forget that stella passed this on to nana AND aunt lacie.  she is just so giving isn't she?
don't worry, our house is safe now.  i took the can of lysol and used it like a mad woman and washed the bed sheets.  so we are officially de-bugged!
so much for the flu shot huh?


Adrien said...

That stinks! I hate throwing up...we've been sick here, too, but just sinusy stuff. Unfortunately, there are about 547321 strands of the flu and the flu shot only covers so many. We got ours, too, but I'm not holding my breath. Every single time Eric has gotten the flu shot he got the flu. So we'll see!

Cassie said...

It's crazy!! We get the flu shots for free at work and every time there are a handle of people who are out sick with the flu even though they got the shot.
I think it was a bug going around daycare, I saw more and more mommy's on FB saying they were sick or their baby was sick. No fun. Oh the joys of sending your child to a daycare. Oh well.

Hope your house gets de-bugged soon!! It's NO FUN!