And Then There Were Five

Monday, March 26, 2018

And Then There Were Five

we did it!
the love of my life and i created a perfect little human.
he is so good!
so, so good.
he's the best little baby and seriously, we are complete.
stella is the most AMAZING big sister.
henry is the strong and protective brother.
and jon, ugh, seeing your husband holding your baby.
it's indescribable.
he is awesome.  he is helpful.  he is putting up with so much.
i am so lucky and thank god for that man

so - wow, it's been quite awhile.
instagram is my jam lately.
you can find me posting all my outfits, talking about how jon and i did a DIY project two weeks postpatrum, sharing allllll the cute baby photos and getting real in my stories.
besides that - we are HERMITS and i love it.
you guys i was never a home body, ever.
i love being on the go, i love being busy.
but ever since i turned 30 i am loving this chill life.
i mean don't get me wrong my kids are still in 238 sports and we have something on our calendar just about every day, but when we aren't, we are LOVING the sit at home and do absolutely nothing life.
it's so good!
wow - is this what happens when you get old?
if so, AWESOME!

anyways, i am going to really try to keep up with this whole blogging, instagraming, diy-ing, working, mom-ing thing.
whew i just said we weren't busy, right?
sounds like it......