Christmas Recap

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Recap

and just like that - bam - christmas is over.
our tree is already down and everything.
crazy i know, i am catholic and we all know january 6th is the holy day for "take down the tree."
but this year, i just couldn't wait.
and down she came, the day AFTER christmas.
henry even looked at me and said "no more presents?"
ha - no dude, i think you will be ok.

seriously we must have done something right.
santa put us ALL on the nice list this year.
we were blessed.
and now we need to find room for everything.

and in about a month stella will have a birthday and we will have MORE stuff.

deep breaths cassie.

since i didn't get a chance to share our christmas card on here, i wanted to take the time to do that now.

we have seriously had SUCH a great year!!
i don't know how 2017 is going to top it.
we have a lot planned for the year.
a LOT of house projects that i pray all go smoothly.
and a lot that we are going to be putting into other contractors hands.
which i'm not mad about.....
but will be very costly.
braces are in 2017 future for stella.
henry is going to try out basketball in january and then will start kindergarten in the fall.
school every day for henry, whew, i don't think you understand how much this is going to affect all of us.  seriously.
and hopefully if we play our cards right we will add another human to our crew.
oh yeah and lucy will have another liter of pups!

i might not be on top of my posts but our life will be nothing sort of boring for 2017!
cheers to a new year!