Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

what a beautiful weekend!
saturday i had the windows open.
we spent a ton of time outside.
loved it!!

we ended up at the local high school FFA fish fry on friday.
it was really good!
props to the kids there.
i shouldn't even say kids, they are like young adults.
my cousin is in FFA there and she turns 16 next week.
which makes me feel SUPER old.
and her brother graduates from high school this year.
how did i get so old?!
saturday was henry's last basketball game of the season.
he signed up to play at the local Y and he loved it.
i'm super proud of this guy.
he even scored two baskets his last game.
he is such a good sport as well - always cheering everyone on.
here he is with some of his buddies.
the rest of the day was spent with friends enjoying the outside.
we ordered some dicarlos that night and called it a day.

sunday - COLD.
we had plans to do stuff outside that morning and we lasted about two hours.
the rest of the evening we were with family saying our goodbyes to jon's grandma.
she passed away on thursday.
this little cutie managed to snap a selfie before we headed out.
we are spending monday at the funeral and working from home as much as we can.
stella is off school because of that weird illinois holiday no one understands.  lol.

i have some posts planned for the week so check back.
here's to a good week!