Is This Thing On?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Is This Thing On?

where has the time gone?
it's been some time.
and SO much has changed!!
life is good.
that's all i say to sum up these past eight months.
hold up, has it REALLY been eight months?

i would love to be able to just post about everything we have done and that might come, but as of right now i will do a quick recap.

let's see.
started the new job (it was such a good decision).
jon graduated school.
landed a full time gig (and what a great gig it is!)
lucy had her puppies (what an adventure)!
traveled to disney (again)!
kids started school (how is stella seriously in 1st grade already).
put our house on the market.
sold it in two days (no joke)!
bought a new house.
got married the following weekend.
turned 30 (ahhhh).
and now we are here.

i miss this place.  and i'm so excited to be back at it.
stay tuned!