Five on Friday

Friday, December 9, 2016

Five on Friday

It's been such a great week!
We are in full Christmas mode thanks to our visit with Santa on Monday. 
He told the kids he knows they have been fighting lately and really need to start getting along. 
Needless to say they've been on their best behavior. 
Thank you Santa! 
On to the top five.....

We had dinner with Santa Monday night at the winery.
Our Santa is just the best!
Henry asked for a real dog and Santa had some serious hesitation. 
He told Henry he doesn't look old enough to take care of a pet. 
Henry freaked and said he'd just take a pillow. 
Oh thanks dude.
 I look like a horrible parent now. 
I swear my kid has a bed and pillow to lay his head down on every night. 
Stella asked for a justice teal Fitbit with her initials on it. 
Ms. Specific. 

We saw Trolls one Sunday as early St. Nick's day presents for the kids. 
And because they just don't need any more toys. 
The movie was so dang cute. 
We were all dancing in our seats at one point. 
I'd highly recommend it!

We have been full force projects this week. 
Jon installed these shelves weeks ago. 
Finally got around to staining and trying my best at staging them. 
Here's the before, full post to come soon!

This kid has been obsessed with his hair lately. 
Has to have it styled with gel before we go anywhere important. 
And especially for school.
It's just adorable.

Going tonight to view our wedding gallery.
Got a little sneak peek this week and I am SO excited. 

Have a great weekend!
Stay warm. It's so cold here!