Saying Goodbye

Friday, March 25, 2016

Saying Goodbye

today is a day that i will always remember.
after 9 years, 1 month and 19 days i am saying goodbye to my work place.
i am leaving my current employer.
i have accepted a job with a new company.
with lots and lots of great new opportunities.

i am sad to be leaving.
but so excited for my new endeavor.

i started here as a clueless 20 year old.
i remember them offering me $15 an hour as a 20 year old fresh out of college and thought i was LOADED!!
i worked as an administrative assistant.
i was the YOUNGEST employee.
so young i couldn't even enroll in the 401k.
a few months later i would turn 21.
a great group of people met me and my family at fast eddies and we partied, hard.
i took a shot i will never take again (damn three wise men).
but made memories i will never forget.
i felt accepted, i found my work family.
and i was so happy.

years would pass and i would get engaged and married.
and some of the best people threw me a shower and attended my wedding.
a baby would come shortly after and just as much love was given.

a promotion came, i started reading drawings and submitting RFIs and understanding submittals.
i worked with PMs and Owners and even went on jobsites.
i started understanding construction.
another baby would come.
and a really great promotion came when i got back from maternity leave.
life was really really great.
they believed in me.  they loved me!  and i just loved the heck out of this place!!

and then divorce came.
and when a person goes through a divorce it's extremely hard to hide.
especially when you lose 20 pounds.
during that time i was given the most support i have ever been given in my entire life.
no excuses were needed to be given.
they understood.
they knew i needed to get myself into a better place, my kids needed to be my number one priorities and that work would always be there.
i remember the day after my divorce sitting in my office and my boss coming in.
opening up to me about his life.
and the unknown secret that he had been here before too.
we hugged.
yes, hugged.  hard.
and all was right in the world again.

i put on my big girl, single, working mom pants.
and did it!

a year later i was put on a job that will forever change me.
what was supposed to be a learning experience turned into so much more.
it was hard.
i almost quit.
i stayed.
i learned.
i busted my ass.
and we completed it.
two and a half years of really really hard work.

i came in for my review and knew i wanted more.
felt i deserved more.
but over the course of nine years, things were now different here.
and my wants, weren't exactly the companies wants.
and that's TOTALLY ok.

i felt ok with it.
not happy, but just ok.
and then got a call from a previous mentor who told me about an opening.
it was what i felt i deserved.
i interviewed and was offered the position.
i gratefully accepted.

and then had to tell my employer.
whew, tears.
all the feels.
the past two weeks have been just the closure i needed though.
i am closing an amazing, learning, growing, chapter of my life i am SO proud of.
i have the upmost respect for this place and love the heck out of it.
this has been the foundation of my career.

i am so excited to start a new chapter.

cheers to change!



Sarah H said...

Ah! So I found your blog through another bloggers 'Blogs I Love' sidebar and have been reading ever since. Today is also my last day at the job where I started my career 5 years ago right out of college and am leaving for the exact same reason - opportunities. I'm what you could call a roller coaster of emotions :) THIS WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO READ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Good luck on your next chapter!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was emotional and powerful! You are one strong cookie. SMW has been so so good to you. I'm still completely shocked by the news, but proud of you for knowing what's best and making the hard decision to leave your work family.

Please tell the owner's assistant that I met at a concert hi for me :) She has to remember me I gave a bit too much information about you that day! oops!!