New Floors - Check!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Floors - Check!

we officially have new floors on our entire first level.
and i couldn't be happier!!
here are a few before and afters of some areas we re-did.
small little hallway looking at stairs and into our bedroom.
small hallway looking into 'danielle's' room
looking into 'danielle's room (ahhhh that carpet is so bad, damn dogs)
i honestly can't believe how much bigger this room feels now.
oh and yes we have a room in our house named for my sister.
who does not live there.
we understand, it's weird.  just go with it.  lol.
here is a progress photo of our room.
and a late night progress photo.
yes i made coffee at 9 a.m.  lol.  old lady.
and yes, jon is dancing.  still cracks me up.
you have to have some fun, right?
we scored such a good deal on this floor.
we got it all for half off on black friday.
right, we are totally those people who go to home depot on black friday.
and we love it.
pretty sure they know us by name now.
it's CRAZY how much bigger everything feels now that carpet it out.
and oh my gosh i can't even tell you how much cleaner the house feels now that the carpet is gone.
dare we even talk about all the DOG HAIR we found.
from the previous owners and us.  lol.
so all new floors - check.
only a couple more steps until this baby is on the market.


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Your floors look great and I love the darker color and wider planks! Totally on our "to do" list in the living room. I dislike the light color and small planks that the previous owners installed. It just doesn't go with a log home. Also, I'm trying to convince Scott to do wood in all of our bedrooms. It is the only place we have carpet and CARPET + DOGS = A BIG FAT NO!

Anonymous said...

Whoa "Danielle's" room does look so much bigger! The floors look awesome!! Good job guys!

Total curve ball at the end. Going on the market??!?

Amy said...

Those floors look great!

Kristen said...

I love the dark floors!!! And just an FYI, our neighbors house is still for sale and he is very motivated to sell. ;)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Love the darker floors! Wish I could afford to replace mine, but I'll save that money for the next house.