1st IKEA Trip

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1st IKEA Trip

on new year's day we finally gave in and headed out for our first trip to IKEA!
the new store in st. louis was built by the company i work for.
it was so cool to be able to say we were building it.
ikea is really secretive about stuff so we weren't able to post any photos during the process.
i was out on the jobsite two different times during the construction process.
and it was really awesome.
the team did such a great job and ikea was pretty pumped about the end product.
so was STL.
that place has been hopping ever since.
i drive past it every day on my way home.
yes, and just finally made my first stop.
crazy, right?
needless to say it won't be our last stop.  lol.
i think the first trip took every bit of two hours to get through the place.
and i totally wouldn't care if the second trip took just as long.
we did walk away with a couple of small fur rugs and a small end table to put next to the bed.
however i wanted to walk away with this kitchen!
holy dreamy!!
(the guy and the kitchen of course)
stella LOVED the kitchen and the bedrooms that were set up.
when we build a house (hopefully within the next two years).
(letting some secrets out early)
we are totally heading there to pick everything out.
and i am totally leaving there with that kitchen!!
we didn't get to try out any of the meatballs but we did get in on the ice cream at the end.
a perfect reward for making it through the store.
and it was just $1!
stella was freaking because they kept coming over the microphones saying they were closing in 15 minutes, etc.  she thought they were going to lock us in.
i was like calm down, calm down.
if we were to get locked in here, it would be the BEST NIGHT EVER!
she would totally go to school the next day and tell all her friends.
and i would totally blog about it.  lol.

so yeah, first trip to ikea in the books.
so ready for more!


Adrien said...

Love it! We are so excited to have an Ikea close to home now. We were planning to make a road trip with a huge truck one day when we bought our house, but now we don't have to go far at all. :) That's an awesome kitchen!