Stella Makes the Cut!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stella Makes the Cut!

if anyone knows stella they know how much she LOVES her long hair.
henry is a once a month needs a hair cut kind of kid.
stella would volunteer every once in awhile for a trim.
and small quick trim.
nothing else.
she loves to brush her long hair, curl it, straighten it, you name it.

so to say i was shocked the night she told me she was thinking about cutting her hair short was an understatement.  
i wanted her to make this decision herself.
i wanted her to know her hair won't be this long again for awhile and that it will take a long time to grow it out.
that even for lacie's wedidng she might not be able to do much with it.
she totally understood and reminded me she was wearing a crown for lacie's wedding anyway so she just needed her hair down.
duh mom.

and then she said, completely on her own, she wanted to cut her hair so she can send it to other people who don't have hair.
heart melted.
she said, people say i have pretty hair and i want to share it.
this little girl, i tell you what.

so we made an appointment with our hair cutter (that's what the kids call her).
i asked and asked her over and over that day if this is what she wanted.
and without any hesitation she said yes, every.single.time.

her brother on the other hand.
he has a HARD time with change.
sissy sitting in the chair, hair pulled back in a pony tail, ready for the chop.
and brother was clinging to mom like no other.
with a 3, 2, 1 countdown - it was GONE!
and you couldn't wipe the smile off of her face!
(or mine, STILL, SO PROUD of her!)
i can't even wrap my mind around how 20 minutes at the salon makes her look SO much older!
my little baby is not a little baby anymore.
she is growing into a beautiful, caring, compassionate young girl.

the next day we got everything ready and sent off the hair to pantene beautiful lengths.
stella was so proud to walk into the post office and send it off.
ten inches of beautiful blonde hair off to some much deserved people.
she's already volunteered to do it again, and i can't wait!
i think mommy might be next to make the chop!


Anonymous said...

I am wearing a CROWN for Lacie's wedding, is she the queen or the princess?

Jen @ South in the City said...

What a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart!! Says a lot about you too as her mom!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

tears again... she has such a beautiful, caring heart! I just adore her sweet little face! Your awesome mommy skills are shinning through, she's a gem!