What I'm Doing Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What I'm Doing Wednesday!

hello, is this thing on?
whew - i here.
i don't know for how long, but i am here.

this is my current situation and it's comfy.
white christmas on the tv.
comfy pup on the couch.
hot coffee in my cup (yes at 7:00 p.m. on a wednesday)
a warm blankie, jammies, no bra.
life is good.

my kids are with their dad for the night.
the elf has been moved and ready for them to come back tomorrow.
gosh i hate that thing.
i am pretty sure lucy is straight up freaked out by it.
she just looks at it like what the hell are you doing.  lol.

boy do we have so much to catch up on!
stella chopped off ALL her hair.
it was a very proud mommy moment for me.

we showered lacie and partied late into the night.

we saw santa and told him everything we want for christmas.

oh and jon got a new job!!

so there's a teaser for a few posts i am planning.
so come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Dang it and once again Chelsea Sista did not make the blog.....LOL