Celebrate Lacie

Friday, December 11, 2015

Celebrate Lacie

thanksgiving weekend we had a very special event.
we had been planning a wedding shower for my little sister lacie.
yes, my baby sister is getting married, VERY soon!
gah - she is just going to make the most beautiful bride.
and i can't wait!
focus cassie, let's talk about the shower first.

we had the shower at acorns golf course in waterloo.
and besides the rain, the weather cooperated.
i mean when she wanted to plan it this weekend i said a couple hail marys that it wouldn't snow.
so thanks again for that mary.

we went for the rustic country kind of theme.
which is totally lacie.
and well, per my thank you card i got in the mail the other day, she loved every bit of it!
lacie's bestie chelsea helped danielle and i and she did such a great job!
she knows lacie like the back of her hand and that helped danielle and i SO much!

my mom, danielle, lacie and me

the bridesmaids and flower girl
dang are we are good looking crew.

the place was full, love was in the air, and lacie was showered with SO many nice things.
we want to thank everyone again for taking time out of their holiday weekend to be there for lacie.
it means more to her than you know.
and nothing makes danielle and i happier than knowing our little sister is loved by so many people.

lacie also decided to make this day a double whammy and have her bachelorette party that same night.
my kind of girl - go big or go home!
ha, no it was actually because everyone was in town and saved everyone from having to make another trip.
and because she's a nice and caring person like that.
and well, because once we start parting we just can't stop.
kidding - i may have taken a nap before.
old lady status.

anyways, we got ourselves a taco bar, a few games, some coolers of booze, jellos shots, malibu infused gummy bears and a good ole fashioned school bus and headed to hit the local bars.
and we are off!
we mustache you a question.....
dustin clark!!  man he is SO good!!
second stop!
sisters, sisters, they were never such devoted sisters.
(i hope you sang that as you read it)
and it's nice to see my hair stayed curled for one bar.
even more reason i need to chop it....
ps - by time we got to the third bar the bride-to-be puked and rallied.  lol.

lacie is holding up a run sign because the band at this bar was SO rude that we were telling everyone to leave.  ha - the power of 20 drunk girls.  lol.

and then there is this - a picture full of greatness.
cracks me up every time.

the bus dropped us off at home at 1:00 in the morning.
this old lady hasn't seen 1 a.m. in a long time.
whew, but i was still going.
we busted out all of the left overs from the taco bar and you would have thought we turned into vultures.  it was hilarious.  and so effing good!
sorry again about that white cheese lacie.
i promise you are getting some for your wedding present.  lol.

i think we all called it a night a little after 2 a.m.
20 hours of partying, all in the name of my little sister!
happy wedding shower and bachelorette party day - i hope you loved every second of it!


Anonymous said...

4 pictures of Chelsea and a shout out....FINALLY

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like a wonderful shower and party!! I'm sure she'll return the favor next Fall when it's your turn!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Your day of celebration looks like so much fun! I love the "ps - by time we got to the third bar the bride-to-be puked and rallied. lol". I just LOL'd at my desk on that one! Too funny!! Congrats to your sis.

Anonymous said...

It was a prefect weekend 😘