Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

rain, rain go away!!
i keep thinking well, all this rain COULD be snow.
so PTL it's not.
butttt i wouldn't mind some snow.
i mean it totally makes it feel more like christmas.
however i am not complaining about these temps.
my kids wore shorts, flip flops, t-shirts, you can name it this weekend.
oh and jon and i totally did too.
and we LOVED it!
on to the weekend.
friday i took a half day so i could attend stella's afternoon christmas concert.
jon ended up getting off for a few hours too so him and henry got ready and i picked them up when i got in town.
papa and jon's parents got to attend as well.
so stella had quite the fan club.
she knew all of the words, had great manners and sang SO well!
she made everyone proud.
after all that singing she worked up an appetite and had papa take her to dairy queen.
of course the rest of us tagged along.  lol.
friday night we played 'let's go through your toys before santa brings new ones!'
it's one of my favorite games.
two wal-mart bags later of toys and one wal-mart bag of stuffed animals, i think there's plenty of room now.
while we were cleaning we got a text from some friends to come over for a fish fry.
holla - so we hopped in the car and enjoyed the evening there.
saturday morning we slept in.
oh and it felt SO good!
jon couldn't pass up the nice temps and he had the itch to go fishing.
PTL the poison oak itch is gone - ha.
so he and a buddy headed out for an all day fishing excursion..
which meant we weren't making breakfast, so off to country kitchen we went!
after that we dropped henry off at papa's to hang for a bit while we met lacie at the craft fair.
or crap fair as henry likes to call it.
we walked away with a few goodies, mostly christmas presents.
after that we headed home.
on our way home stella saw a boy in her class riding bikes with his mom and asked if he could come over and play.
yes, my five year old had a BOY over.  lol.
they had a blast playing outside and enjoying this great weather!
poor girl is going to be taller than all the boys.
look at those legs.
brother on the other hand was SUPER jealous he wasn't getting the attention.
and chose to sit in mommy's room and pout.
later that night we headed out for dinner and S&H enjoyed their favorite strawberry drink.
they crack me up.
stella is learning about table manners at school and she was calling us all out for not following the rules.
no elbows on the table.
no talking with your mouth full.
dab your face.
lol - you name it.
afterwards we drove around town and checked out everyone's christmas lights.
sunday morning was more sleeping in.
ahhhhhh - it's so good.
jon made us all breakfast and then nana came over to play for a bit.
and get some pecans.
we headed to do some grocery shopping later, took naps, and then did a jon and cassie DIY.
wooohoo - coming soon!!
later that night we had plans to keep our tradition with nana and go to brewery lights and candy cane lane.
we added in a trip to McAlisters too.
oh yeah and ted drewes.  because there is ALWAYS room for ice cream.
while on candy cane lane we found snowflake street and angel avenue.
LOVED it!!
the rain held off just in time for us to go to brewery lights.
and we seriously had the whole place to ourselves!
it was AWESOME!!
we love this tradition.
nana asked stella if when she is older and has kids if she will invite nana to come along and do this with them.  stella replied "if you are still alive!"
oh stella - always making us laugh.

we had a great little evening.
excited for the last week of school before CHRISTMAS BREAK!
have a great week.


Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! I'm not minding these temperature either, but it'd be nice to have at least a little snow to feel more like Christmas!

Adrien said...

It could stay warm forever, and I would NOT mind. :D Love all of the pictures, especially the strawberry drink. So cute! ;) Stella was adorable at the Christmas program. You could definitely hear her section up there, haha!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to the Brewery lights. Is it pretty neat? I want to take Nathan to see Christmas lights this weekend, but not sure which place to go yet. I was thinking Tilles park.