30 before 30

Friday, November 6, 2015

30 before 30

happy friday!!

we made it.
i swear no one works on friday.
except me.
like my drive to work today took no time.
how do i get gigs like this?

know something you shouldn't be jealous of?
the fact that i am turning 29 in just a couple more days.
which means i will be 30 i just one year and a couple more days.
how in the world did that happen?!!?

so i have been thinking of my 30 before 30 list.
seriously it was kind of hard to come up with 30 things.
but i did my best.
and i love my list and think i can do all 30 of these.
so here we go!

1.      Run a half marathon (or half and full?  We will see!)
2.      Compete in a crossfit competition (I have an obsession with watching these, and I always think, that should be me!)
3.      Learn to lay tile (I watch the guys at work all the time.  Creepy I know.  But I think, I can do this.  Or at least I should be able to do this!  Hoping Jon will let me help if/when we do the kitchen).
4.      Pay off two credit cards (debt free, debt free!)
5.      Wear less makeup (working on that now, and I kind of love it!)
6.      Get married! (to my best friend and I can’t wait!!)
7.      Take a cooking class (fingers crossed Jon would go with me)
8.      Go to IKEA – and buy something fun!
9.      Hug more (yes, I said hug and more in the same sentence!)
10.   Get another tattoo (whatttt, yeah, so I have thought about it a time or two)
11.   Do more yoga (oh my gosh it feels so good!)
12.   Cook a turkey (yep, never have, don’t even know where to start)
13.   Take a wine class (like so I know what I am talking about and not just drinking the cheap $5 wine from the gas station.  I mean, it is good though!)
14.   Less phone time (unplug Cassie!)
15.   Say yes more (whew, I can do this)
16.   Send more birthday cards (or just snail mail in general) Because it’s fun!
17.   Get out of my comfort zone more (sometimes those are the best moments)
18.   Don’t buy a single article of clothing for an entire month (or two or three)
19.   Read more (yes like magazines and the newspaper)
20.   Volunteer in both kids classes more
21.   Continue not drinking soda (soda free since January 1st)
22.   Save more for S&H (a little goes a long way, but they will be 16 and needing a car before I know it!)
23.   Curl my hair more (ha – yes, Kim would be SO proud!)
24.   Go on an all girls trip (bachelorette party out of town?!?)
25.   Pay with cash more (Cash is King, right Dave Ramsey)
26.   Make money from my blog (I wana be Helene so bad!)
27.   Call people more (Facetime, call, whatever).
28.   Be on time! (Everyone’s time is important.  Being late is rude.  I need to keep reminding myself of this).
29.   Get better at relaxing.  (This is probably Jon’s favorite one!)
30.   Be an all around better person (because it’s good for everyone.)


Crystal L said...

Learning how to cook a turkey is one of the things I need to learn how to do too! Just like you, I have NO idea where to start.

Jen @ South in the City said...

Looks like a great list to me!! I'll just say 30s really are the best years of life!! Good luck xoxo

Anonymous said...

I've been in full pay off debt mode since Aug and I LOVE it!! Doing the snowball effect.

I was just talking with a co-worker yesterday about how I have never cooked a turkey and I fear it so much!!! That is like the most important meal of the year that's A LOT of pressure. Terrified of messing that up. She suggested getting a small one soon for a practice run.


Adrien said...

Great list! You have a wonderful year ahead. :D

Amanda aka Manda said...

There are a few of these I need to work on/want to do too. Getting a tattoo is one of them. I have the design picked out...just not the nerve. PS: You're going to be the most beautiful bride!!!