So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

So What! Wednesday

i haven't done one of these in forever.
and they are all over blogger today.
so i totally want to join in.

so what.... 
if everything i have bought so far for christmas has had a promo code.
i should totally save all of my receipts and see what i end up saving.

so what...
if i don't want to buy my kids a ton of "stuff" this year.
ugh - i am really thinking hard as to things they will really enjoy and not just fill up space.

so what...
if we have like three things crossed off our wedding to do list.
this morning we were like after the holidays we are on this.

so what...
if i am considering save the date/holiday cards.
tell me, is that cheap?  dumb?
i mean let's talk about the amount of money i will save in postage!

so what...
if i am holding out on getting anything at starbucks until my birthday because i get a free one.
ha - seriously my mouth is watering just typing the word starbucks.

so what...
if i am just starting to use the cartwheel app.
ha - i know that's SO last year.
but hey.

so what...
if i am hoping to find a good deal on my cartwheel app so i can buy this tunic.

so what...
if i think it's adorable that my daughter tells me there's a boy in her class she "can't get off her brain!"  of course it's WAY to early for any of that stuff and i am not pushing it by any means.
it just caught me off guard when she was talking to me the other day and said those exact words.
too cute!

so what...
if i sent my kid to the sitters this week wearing shorts.
this weather has been crazy.

so what...
if i haven't turned my furnace on yet. 
see above.  lol.

so what...
if i think girls being mean to each other is just not nice.
if you don't want to be someone's friend just tell them.
there was a serious bullying instance that happened at our local school this week and it really upsets me.  i will never understand it.
and a close friend of mine is going through something very similar.
and i just don't understand it.
be nice to people.
be honest to people.
you just never know.



Christine said...

I have that tunic from Target and LOVE IT! I even try to "dress" it up and wear it to work. So comfy.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to read you have 3 things crossed off your to do wedding list because I feel like it's all already planned! You had me fooled! Maybe they are just the 3 main big things that are done!?

I think the save the date/holiday card thing is genius. I say go for it!!

I have sent Nathan in pants and short sleeves everyday this week and each day I have been a bit chilly in the office. I feel bad everyday! The forecast for the next day is always warmer so I keep doing it and it's still not as warm as they say it's gonna be. SHOCKER!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I know I look like a goof walking through Target looking for deals on cartwheel. Scott will pick something up and I'm like, hold on let me see if I can get a discount. LOL Don't judge people, you know you do it too!
Agree 100%, being mean is not cool. You don't have to like everyone by any means but you certainly don't have to be mean either. I am a firm believer that this starts at home. You have to teach your children to "respect" others feelings whether they like the other child or not. Being mean is unacceptable!
Save the date/holiday cards is a fantastic idea!