Is This Thing On?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is This Thing On?

ha - no i am not trying to be the next adele.
but i have to admit i am kind of over the song already.
i mean it's on EVERY.SINGLE.STATION.
sometimes i feel the never to bust out a good car concert.
 but a lot of the times, i am flipping it.

anyways - sooooo what have we been up to?
thanks to katie for a remind to get my butt over to my blog, i am here to do just that.

let's see.
well lucy had a birthday!
yep she is officially two - which means it's baby time!!
i can't wait.
well i mean technically we have to wait for her to go in heat.
but we are planning on all of this happening in february.
can't wait!!
henry and stella say we need to keep all her puppies.
oh my!
i know it will be hard to tell them all goodbye when they find new homes, but i am pretty sure no one in our family would ever come over to our house if we had 10 plus dogs. lol.

the day after lucy's birthday i had a birthday
ha - kidding.  so far 29 isn't too bad.
birthday was low key and i loved it.
stella made me a cake (which she asked if i could leave the house while she made it, too cute!)
henry rounded up a bunch of his favorite toys and told me i could play with them for the day.
and jon got me flowers.
oh yeah and i cashed in on my free starbucks.  so needed.

speaking of birthdays, a certain guy i know turns 29 tomorrow.
can't hold the 'dating an older woman' over my head much longer.  lol.

oh yeah and this happened!
stella chopped off 10 inches of her hair.
i just LOVE it.
she looks SO grown up.  i can't even handle it.
but i love it (and oh my gosh it's so easy to take care of!)
i am so proud of her - she was able to donate 10 inches of her hair to pantene beautiful lengths.
thanks again erin for the cut and the info on that.

this little hunter has been out with jon in the woods.
no luck with any bucks, but he has seen a few turkeys.
he is loving it!

thanks for checking up on us.
i already have a birthday post ready for jon tomorrow, so i can guarantee two posts in a row.

have a great day!


Amanda aka Manda said...

So glad you had a great birthday!!! Stella's hair looks so cute! So proud of her for wanting to donate!

Anonymous said...

I did sing the first line of this post. :)

ohhh myy Lucy having puppies. Please do NOT post golden puppy pics on any social media. Fighting the urge to have a golden puppy is going to be tough for me! Ahhhh

The last picture of Henry and Jon SOOO cute!!!