Top Five on Friday!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Top Five on Friday!

holy smokes when i said the other day we had a busy week ahead of us i wasn't kidding.
we were not home much this week at all.
SO busy.
but we had fun and made some good memories.

let's talk about some of our favorites.

nana's birthday cake.
as you know henry was practically batman in another life.
and his sister is the BEST team player and she is batgirl for halloween since her brother loves batman so much.  SO when we headed to dairy queen to pick up nana a birthday cake last night and we found this - we knew we had to get it.
because we have the coolest nana and she totally gets the obsession; she of course loved it!
but you would NEVER guess what i did?!!?
we got home from nana's around 8:00 last night.
henry fell asleep in the car so i carried him in, stella wanted to get in the shower right away so i was helping her.  before i knew it we were all clean and laying down for the night.
walked out to the car this morning and found the ice cream cake - IN THE CAR STILL!
i have to give major credit to those DQ containers, not a DROP seeped out.
i don't know if i was more mad at myself for forgetting it in the car or mad that it's ICE CREAM CAKE, perfectly GOOD ICE CREAM CAKE, WASTED.
us steibel's do not waste anything in the form of ice cream.

we got to preview our pictures from creative bent this week.
LOVE this family photo - however i can't stop laughing that none of us have eyes.  lol.
i know it wasn't that bright that day, but it's just hilarious.
i know anna will work her magic and this picture will look perfect once we receive the hard copies.

got treated to a free PSL on national coffee day.
no complaints here!

LOVING this weather.
breaking out the long sleeves, booties, vest and warm coffee.
happy happy happy.

young house love will be in STL and i will be there too!!
you have NO IDEA how excited i am!!
more to come next week.

have a great weekend!!



Adrien said...

EEP! Have fun tonight!!

1. Love the batcake. Hahaha. But boo! That sounds exactly like something I would do.
2. Great picture!
3. Nice Disney mug. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ice cream cake is my FAVORITE. How devastating to lose such a perfectly delicious cake!!

I think I need to get a vest! I am always so damn cold in the office.

I will back later today for an update on how Young House Love went!!