Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

we sure did have a perfect little fall weekend.
traffic getting home on friday was surprisingly easier than planned.
leaving at work at four o'clock when the cards are in the post season against the cubs.
i thought i was doomed.
looks as if everyone was already downtown by 4:30.
once we got home we changed clothes, packed the stroller and walked to henry's buddies birthday party down the street.
it was a superhero bonfire birthday party.
PERFECT way to kick off our weekend.
we stayed long enough for jon to meet us there when we get off work too!
saturday morning jon was up early to hunt.
we took our time getting ready and then headed to waterloo for the pumpkin fest with the lukes.
of course a selfie to document.
we made it up to the fest and these four just looked too cool with their shades.
they are all just getting SO BIG, ahhh, we have like little people.
no more babies!
we painted pumpkins, played games, ate funnel cake, took a hayride, it was just perfect!
once we dropped everyone off we headed home to change and head back to waterloo for lacie's engagement party.
they had the wedding party over for a get together.  the food was SO good and the company was even better.
we are READY for march 12!
aunt danielle had a sleepover at our house which means both kids end up sleeping with her, which means everyone is up EARLY the next day.
everyone was up and moving by 8, we met papa for breakfast at 8:30 and then headed to the pumpkin patch in town when it opened at 10.
we cleaned house there and then headed home and everyone loaded up their cars.
thanks to S&H pumpkin delivery service.  
it might have taken 20 minutes longer but henry loaded everyone's pumpkins up in his gator and delivered them to their cars.
such a gentlemen.
stella had to get inside and change clothes so she could head to her aunt marcie's baby shower.
she was so excited to go.
mostly because she loves babies.  and loves attention.  and people telling her she is pretty.
such a rough life.
she was happy to report that she is getting a boy cousin, and she is very excited!!
while she was there henry and i met lacie and nana and headed to the mayestown fest.
henry wanted to be carried because his legs were SO tired.
so tired until nana told him he could play in the creek.
then his legs magically weren't tired.  lol.
we got home just in time for sissy to get back.
we set up all of our pumpkins outside and we are READY for fall!
we finished off the night with watching curious george's boo fest for the 78th time.
perfect ending in our book!



Erin said...

No noggin!

Adrien said...

This is the best time of the year! Love all of the festivities. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

I need to go to your pumpkin festival next year! The one by us didn't have any pumpkins! I seriously thought it was a joke at first but then I realized they actually had no pumpkins....