Hello October!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello October!

good morning october!

85 days until christmas.
you're welcome ;)
this morning i broke out my boots - no shame.
however little miss still thinks it's summer and opted for shorts and a sweatshirt.
some mornings are just not worth the fight.....
brother just wanted to sleep.
but that's every morning.

let me take a second to wish my mom a happy birthday.
i won't give her age away, but this is her last year in the 40s......
you wouldn't believe it if you'd see her!

another big milestone today, my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary.
which i just think is SO SO cool.
55 years!  much congrats to them!

no better way to kick off the month than with a update on what everyone has been up to.
because besides weekend wrap ups this ole blog has been kinda boring....
yeah, i said what you all were thinking.
so let's catch up.

she is really doing awesome in school.
i was worried for a bit because last year she LOVED school, and this year she was kind of quiet about it.  but she has really started talking about it a ton lately and it's so awesome.
she has weekly sight words that she is learning and she can spell so much and read and it's just SO AWESOME to watch her little brain go.
she just got stuff in her folder yesterday for book-it.
which home girl LOVES pizza hut and she has loved reading lately so it's a win win for her!
outside of school she is into youtube, like all the time.
she watches people do the smoothie challenge, oreo challenge, jelly bean challenge, all kinds of weird stuff.  which it is what it is.  i tell myself she could be watching WAY worse!
she is still little miss helper.
she is totally the oldest because she is just such the mother hen.
when she knows we are running late in the morning she tells me she will get herself dressed and before i know it she has everyone's book bags in the car and all i have to do is carry her brother out.
now - if i can teach her to make my coffee and warm up the car.  lol.  kidding.
she is also telling me her front tooth is loose.  which is not really the best timing.
looks like aunt lacie is going to have a toothless flower girl for her wedding in march.....
i can't believe in just four short months she will be SIX.
that's two hands with of fingers to show her age.  six years old.

my baby boy is loving school.  he gets very excited for tuesdays and thursdays.
it's about the only way i can get him out of bed.
if it's not a school day he thinks he can just sleep until noon.
in my bed!
yeah the last couple of nights he has found his way to my bed.
dude - you are four and you sleep like a ninja.
besides school he enjoys jumping on the trampoline every.single.day.
i don't even think we get inside the house before he has his shoes off and is jumping every day when we get home.  good to know it's getting good use.
he loves being a power ranger/transformer/ninja - whatever he is for the day.
and like girls just aren't good at this kind of stuff.
but we try out best.
he is SO pumped for hunting season with jon.
jon and him went and set up a ground blind and they are going to go "shoot some deer!" as henry says.  i would LOVE to be a fly on the wall in that blind with those two.
i seriously pray though that they do get one, it would be so awesome for the two of them to experience, especially together.
so fingers crossed!!

when we went to our class reunion last week we had this thing to fill out about people in our class.  one line was, name someone who is still in school.  yep, that's jon.
but he's love it.
only about 7 more months to go!
and hopefully only about two more months before he is going on these really important things called interviews.
he is plugging away at school and doing really well.
he was struggling for a few weeks and had a low A, he was like freaking because he does NOT want a B, which is seriously adorable that he cares so much about school.
because jon in college after high school was NOT this kind of jon.
so it's super awesome to see how passionate he is about school.
he looks so professional with his CAD files and drawings he carries around.
besides school he is still working second shift at his real job.
so again, fingers crossed only 7 more months of that!!
sending all kinds of positive vibes his way because he totally deserves them.

as for me - still plugging away at work.
it's still pretty stressful at times, but the end is in sight.
can i confidently say when that is, no.
but hopefully in six months from now i am back in the office and working on another project.
this project has taught me SO much, but has also given me a lot of gray hairs.
but well, that's construction.  lol.
i am ready for the next challenge, but also ready for a little break.
i see a two week vacation in my near future - hopefully!

so i am sure you are all like whew, good, i am all caught up now and ready to get back to work.  lol.
thanks for stopping by - now go do something fall-like today!


Adrien said...

Love the update! We have been in the "Only so many months to go" stage of life so many times, I know exactly how that feels. Putting in the time now for great things ahead! Proud of you guys and all of your accomplishments!! Good for you!