Fixer Upper Love

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fixer Upper Love

i discovered that fixer upper is now on netflix.
and i pretty much get NOTHING done now in the evenings.
maybe after i get through the whole season i will start cleaning again.
unless i decide i should just watch the entire season again.
damn you netflix.

here is a list of everything that is coming to netflix in october.
 a new more HGTV shows were added - which i'm not complaining about.

as if we all need anymore reason to love Chip and Joanna i saw a article come across my facebook the other day.
16 things you didn't know about chip and joanna gaines.
i mean seriously, they HAVE to be the sweetest couple ever.
gah, jon just let me buy an old house and we can be the NEXT chip and joanna.
i can see it NOW.
in fact i know exactly which house i want to buy too.
i'm just patiently waiting for you to go give me the go!

but anyways, a few sweet facts to share:
he knew she was the one the second he say her in a photo at her dad's shop.
they finally met one day when he came in for some car repairs.
and chip was just as smitten as can be!
they started renovations on their home as soon as they came back from the honeymoon (see jon, even more reason to get the ball rolling on buying a fixer upper.)
she leaves a note in his bag anytime he goes out of town for travel.
and he has kept every single note (ahhh, just the sweetest)!

it's not secret i have a HUGE crush on them.
like it's REALLY close between my YHLovers, John and Sherry, and Chip and Joanna.

someday.  you just wait.  someday!!
check out their blog if you haven't already.
sorry, you'll get nothing done the rest of the day now between netflix and their blog.



Shannon Snodgrass said...

I seriously watch them EVERY night! I've got my handy crafty hubby hooked (major score) and even Victoria loves them. I ask her, what do you want to watch and she always says, your home show because they're awesome mom! I'm so addicted that I may or may not have ordered a Magnolia t-shirt!
You know, Joanna just opened a store front. Girl's trip to Wako in the near future?!? I'm in!

Adrien said...

So this is killing me. I know I saw something about them the other day that had NOTHING to do with home renovations, because it was casually mentioned in the article that they had a show on HGTV, too. (As if that were some little thing they just did on the side once.) Haha. I WISH I could remember what the heck I was reading now! I will have to check out their blog. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm seriously obsessed with them!! I've watched all of season one twice already! Mom, dad, and I are actually planning a trip to Waco just to go to their shop! Not joking! I'm so freaking excited! I read that same article the other day, which just made me love them even more!

Anonymous said...

I have no clue what any of this post is about and it's making me feel old. I kept reading thinking something would trigger something and I would know....nothing! I'm off to check out their blog NOW.