Five on Friday!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Five on Friday!

happy friday!!
it's been a long week.
maybe it's just me, but i am happy the end is in sight!
on to the top five for the week.

i put in my 21 day fix video this week.
i was feeling great about it too.
even took the dogs for two long walks this week.
and then i had to pick up bagels for my jobsite the other morning.
one person had a request to get their bagel sliced like bread.
because let's be honest, that's the best hidden secret at panera.
so the cashier (who was WAY to happy for 7:30 am) said, oh girl is this for you, you look like a snacker.
excuse me what?
it's 7:30 a.m., i have NOT had my coffee yet and you just told me i look like a snacker?
if you need me i will be running for the rest of the week.
so much for being pumped about that 21 day fix.  lol.

henry has had one heck of a week.
last week at school was fire prevention week.
two days of fire drills.
and he wasn't having ANY of it.
then come to find out they are going to have tornado and earthquake drills this week.
four days of school in two weeks and a drill every day.
getting him to get up and get dressed for school was a nightmare.
tears, tears and more tears.
it just broke my heart.
so we celebrated him last night for making it through the drills and being so brave.
even through all the tears.
bless his sensitive soul.

big sister is just awesome!  i have to brag on her.
she was there for her brother on thursday morning when they were at their dad's and henry didn't want to go to school.
of course thursday was picture day too.
i was facetiming them in the morning trying to get henry calmed down and stella said "buiddy, you have to go to school, you have to get your picture taken.  don't you want to be able to give everyone a school picture of you?"
she cracks me up and is just the sweetest!

we got to catch up with buck and kacie last night.
we had a blast!  and henry learned how to shoot a really good spitwad!

only a couple more tries to get Abbie and Lucy to love their Paw Patrol hats we got them for halloween.  judging from this picture you can see crabby ole abbie isn't love them.
cracks me up!

have a great weekend!
we are headed to visit danielle and tate and go to a wedding this weekend.
we are excited.
stay warm!  it's supposed to be like 57 for a high this weekend.  brrrr.



Shannon Snodgrass said...

aww, poor Henry! Stella is such a wonderful big sister. She has a heart of gold, sweet girl.

We are heading for a wedding this weekend too! We will be up by Springfield, IL. It is a barn wedding and I'm sooooo looking forward to it. I love weddings!!!! Have fun at yours and have a great weekend!! XO

Amanda aka Manda said...

Poor H! I hated those drills too! And it's not just you...this has been the longest week EVER!!