Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

whew - we had a BUSY weekend!

friday night when jon got home from work we headed to springfield.
yes, at 10:30 p.m.
but honestly it was best.
otherwise we were going to be waking kids up at 6 am.
on a saturday.
which no one likes.
so off we went friday night.  and it was great!
we popped in a movie.
henry made it about half way before he fell asleep and stella was out right away.
i made it about 30 minutes outside of springfield.
mouth open front seat sleeping.
jon is such a lucky guy.  lol.
we got in a little after midnight and we were all sleeping by 12:30.
we all pretty much slept in in the morning too!
anyways, jon and i were headed to a car dealership to check out a possible trade in.
and it was a total joke.
we just need to stay local and stick with people we trust.
we headed back to danielle's and said our goodbyes to S&H and then headed to decatur for a wedding.
the kids were off for a fun filled little day with danielle and tate.
we were getting all kinds of photo and they were having a blast.
we got into decatur about an hour before the wedding. checked into our hotel and changed.
it was at a country club and we were taken to the ceremony site by golf cart.  lol.
it was cute.  cold.  but cute.
we had a great time at the wedding.
the next morning we enjoyed free breakfast at the hotel (which was acutally pretty decent), said our goodbyes to all of jon's friends and then headed home to get the kiddos.
they were excited to see us!
we headed out shortly after.  we were missing our pups.
stella asked to be dropped off at nana's and hang out with her for a bit.
nana had her help with a sewing project for lacie's wedding.  she loved it.  and did pretty decent too.
henry, jon and i went home to unload the car.
jon headed out to do hunting stuff and then henry and i headed back to nana's.
we grabbed the stroller and headed to a park by nana's house.
henry wanted to race on the way home.
ayi - momma got in her workout.  lol.
we finished the evening with meal prepping, more laundry and some wings from marys.
ahhhh - sometimes those just hit the spot!
we were all zonked out by 9:00.

ready for a fun week!  we have a halloween party at my work and i have my final speech to give.
whew - nerves are already setting in.
have a great week!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

A great weekend for weddings! Have fun at your Halloween party and good luck on your speech. I HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING!!!!! Nervous, hives, the whole nine yards, lol.