YHL does STL

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

YHL does STL

friday, october 2, young house love made their way to STL.
and my life was complete.
kidding, but it was pretty awesome.
long, like really super long, but awesome.
i have never been to a book signing before, so maybe they are all long.
but i would say there were maybe like 200 people there and it took FOUR hours.
yes, four.
so here's how it went down.
it pretty much felt like the LONGEST friday ever because i just wanted it to be 7:00 and get the show on the road.
the facebook event kept saying to get there early because they were expecting a lot of people.
so i got off work, picked up my mom, and headed back to STL to get there by 6.
we were NOT going to miss this.
of course we were running late, i am really good at that.
and then we hit a bit of traffic.
but we got there about 6:15 and it wasn't even close to being half full.
it was crazy, i was shocked.
and it honestly didn't fill up much more.
which makes me sad because i guarantee you if they come out with a third book, STL will not be a stop on their tour.
damn you STL fans, where were you?!?
so we get in and my mom buys me their new book (early birthday present, HOLLA!).
and then we decide we have plenty of time and we aren't going to have to arm wrestle anyone for our seat so my mom went across the way and got us some starbucks.
two points for mom that night.
finally it was 7:00 and out they came.
they were great to listen to, hilarious, and honestly just as a pictured them.
which i LOVED!!!
they talked about their new book and how they only wanted to focus on home what looked like they have been lived in, not stage.
which i love even more.
they did a Q&A and then it was book signing time.
we were in the fifth group.
therefore we had some waiting to do.
at this time i think it was after 9:00.
we didn't walk out of the library until after 10.
of course WITH our signed book, and starving bellies.
but happy hearts!
and no i did not get a spray tan for this event.
thank you instagram.

so a wrap up from our first book signing.
because it was mom's too.
she came in completely blind.  she knew about their blog and she was the one who bought me their first book, but she didn't really know them.
she said they were funny and made a great team.
the long wait for the book signing she wasn't a fan of.  and i have to agree.
for me, i think i teared up once or twice or decor. 
yes you read that right.
but i just love how most of the things they do truly come from the heart.
which is just awesome.
i am not a big book person so i felt a little geeky for doing this, but it was TOTALLY worth it.
ready for book three anytime now john and sherry!



Amanda aka Manda said...

SO jealous!! I love them!!

Adrien said...

That is so fun! I totally geek out at stuff like this, too. There is nothing like getting to meet people you enjoy and admire!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post!! Once, twice or d├ęcor hahahah that's good! Glad it was everything you hoped it would be (minus the wait). This could be you and Jon in a few years!! I will come to your book signing if St. Louis makes the list! :)

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

I really wanted to go to this but I can't remember why I couldn't go...I think there was something with one of the kids. Darn kids...kidding. ;) I have glad you had a great time! I should have sent money with you to get me a book signed!!