Five on Friday!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday!

this week FLEW by.
i can't believe tomorrow is already halloween and then bam - november.
we have ZERO plans this weekend and you have no idea how happy that makes me.
the kids are with their dad so i will head over there and trick-or-treat with them.
in costume of course.
i love dressing up as a parent with my kids.
makes it so much more fun.
well, until they think i am embarrassing.  lol.

anyways, besides that (and let's pray the rain stays away) i plan on doing a lot of relaxing!
on to the top five of the week.

i had PT conferences with henry's teacher on monday.
i was a nervous wreck.  we have been having some issues and i just knew i was going to break down and cry.  but the conference went SO well and we are now on the same page and making a TON of progress.
he had SUCH a great day on tuesday at school and the teacher had a great e-mail to send.

i had PT conferences at stella's school on tuesday.
i wasn't worried a bit about this one.
usually it's just she talks a lot and is a "little" bossy.
NOPE - not that at all.
she is just the best little listener. she does what she is told and follows the rules.
i was even told that she got recognized in the kindgeraten class for outstanding character.
melt my heart!
she was nominated because of what she does for a boy in her class who is in a wheelchair.
her teacher told me how she goes out of her way to help him, get stuff for him, put his stuff away.
the ONE conference i didn't think i would tear up in i did.
SO proud of her!!

my big sister turned 30 this week!!
i think she is handling it well.  and 30 looks great on her!
we treated her to an adorable kate spade watch.

i took off yesterday to attend henry's halloween party.
we had the best little morning and it was great getting to watch him interact with the other kiddos.

i started christmas shopping this week.
and i can't for christmas music to hit the radios!!

ok well maybe, just maybe i have already started listening to christmas pandora.....

have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

:) you've got some pretty awesome kids!

What is your Halloween costume?! Can't wait to see pictures