Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

happy november!!
we had such a nice little weekend.
so let's get to it.

friday at work we had a safety lunch.
i had to order 80 pizzas.
yes, 80!
we ended up with a few extra so i got to take some home.
nothing better than free papa johns pizza.
also on friday i got more than enough comments about how since jon put a ring on it i haven't been working out.
yeah nothing will get your ass to the gym faster than those comments.
so when i got home, i changed clothes and headed to flex.
everything hurts.  lol.
i did get some motivation to register for my first crossift competition in january.
but whew - i have some work to do!
after a good workout i knew just what i needed.
a marg.
ha - but seriously.  it hit the spot.
erin and i had dinner at tequials and then headed out on the town.
jon met up with us later and we had a great time!
saturday morning jon was supposed to get up and hunt but it was "raining."
i think really his head was pounding.
ayi - we can't hang like we used to.
i did make it to then 9:00 class at flex - so i felt semi good about myself.
and didn't puke.  lol.
literally all saturday afternoon we did NOTHING.
the couch and netflix were our best friends.
finally about 5:00 we got dressed and headed to pick up the kids from their dad's and take them trick or treating.
first stop was my dad's house.
stella's pose cracks me up
.and henry insisted on wearing those blue boots.  lol.
i think we made a pretty good bat family.
after papa's we headed out to trick or treat making our rounds.
the kids really love handing out candy more than getting it.
which is awesome.
so after we made the stops we needed to make we took them back to their dad's.
they finished the night up passing out candy there and we headed back home to do the same.
sunday morning jon was up hunting.
i was determined to actually make it a productive day.  lol.
i joined some friends for a 9:30 kettlebell class and then headed home to meal prep.
once jon got home we had yard work on our mind.
we got all the leaves cleaned up, the tall grasses trimmed, halloween stuff down.
everything looks SO much better!!
the kids came home later than evening and then we headed out to see some more people in our costumes.
we headed to tony and rachel's, gma and gpa steibels, and then to nanas.
we made it home by 8;30, just enough time to change into jammies and head to bed.

ready to take on november!
have a great week.


Adrien said...

Love your little bat family! :D

Seriously, I don't know what I would do if someone gave me crap about not working out. Good for you for taking the high road and using it as motivation. I would probably send them a picture of me eating a pint of ice cream. Haha! No but really, I'm sure you will feel great for the holidays! That is great!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

haha, I love your "I'll show you" attitude! October was rough on the workout schedule. I think I only went 5 times. YIKES! But I'm determined to make November a good month. Gotta get ready for all the good food that is about to happen :)
Stella is the most adorable batgirl that I've ever seen! Cute bat family too!!
Have a great week, XO