Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

brrrr - i think fall is officially here.
i might, MIGHT break down and turn the heater on.
but that's a BIG maybe.
i just can't justify turning it on and then it going right back up to 70.
anyways - i sound old talking about the weather.  ayi.
on to the weekend.

henry and i enjoyed a MUCH needed mommy and henry day on friday.
he got to go to work with mommy.
we were both excited!!
we started out day with some drinks from mcdonalds.
blue powerade for henry and a PSL for me.
WORST mistake ever.
mcdonald's PSLs are not good.  not at all.
when we finally made it to work we had some do some real work before we could head out for the fun stuff.  you know, like a ride in the ranger.
especially when you go all the way up to the 7th floor and then go down the garage.
super fast.
he LOVES it!
he did not however like to wear the hardhat.
but at times buddy, you just have to.  safety first!
he got to enjoy lunch with all the guys in the field which he felt pretty cool doing too.
after all the hard work he put in it was time for the best part.
the halloween party!
even better - NO sissy - so he got ALL the candy.  lol.
but don't worry, we got a bag for sissy too.  i think hers was just as full as henrys.
he made sure he picked out the candy he knew she liked and put it in her bag.
he's the best big brother!!
once we were done with the party we headed home to pick up sissy and then the kids went to their dads.  they headed to the football game with him where they got to meet up with some of their friends.

i headed to volunteered to help at a fish fry for henry's school.
brent and kacie ended up coming down for awhile when it was getting close to ending and it was so nice to catch up with them!
saturday morning i was up to work at CK in the morning.
after work i came home and meal prepped for the week.
then took a nap.
it was glorious!!
after that we headed to grocery shop and then out for dinner.
wild, wild night for us.
but just what we needed - we need to just relax and catch up on life.

sunday we had a baptism for jon's niece.
S&H got to come back home early so we spent some time together before heading to pick up papa and pam and meet the rest of the family in collinsville for danielle's birthday dinner.
she turns the big 3-0 tomorrow!!
dinner was great and we were home by dark.
we had plans to carve pumpkins but everyone decided a chill night would be a little nicer.
besides we have a few more days before halloween to carve them.

we are ready for a fun week.
red ribbon week for stella and henry.
stella was pumped she got to wear her pjs to school today.
halloween parties for both kids this week too.
and then no school friday.  woohoo!!


Adrien said...

Love that you got a special day with your little man! He is so cute in his costume! This week is amazing. Perfect lead up to Halloween!! :)

Anonymous said...

Going to work with mom who works at a construction company sounds like a pretty awesome day for a little boy AND end the work day as Batman!!! :)