Disney Part 3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Disney Part 3

it's Hollywood Studios Day!
this day i didn't have an agenda.
when i met with adrien to talk about to do's and not to do's i ended up with about five things to do this day.  i immediately was regretting spending our whole day here.
we had lunch reservations at 11:30 at hollywood and vine.
here we would be meeting all of the disney junior characters.
so we were excited about that.
but remember we stayed out past midnight the night before.
so we took the morning slow.
we slept in and i think we got to the park around 10:30.
we got there and just kind of walked around a bit.  there aren't a lot of rides there.
so we just checked the place out until lunch.
lunch was good and the characters here probably took the longest to come around.
but that was ok, we really weren't in any rush.
HWS is pretty much a "shows" place.
we saw A LOT of shows there.
after lunch we headed to meet some characters.
line were REALLY short here.
we couldn't convince the kids to ride star wars, but we did watch the jedi training.
which was adorable.
we watched the muppet 3d show, one man's dream show (which was SO awesome) and the little mermaid show (to avoid the rain).
speaking of rain - we got a lot of it the day we were here.  which isn't fun.
a small shower, who cares, but an hour of rain - is NO fun.
luckily these two didn't mind the ponchos.
expect they wanted to share - ayi.
we did convince the kids to ride Tower of Terror.
i believe stella's exact words after we got off the ride were "that was so terrible!"
henry still talks about the ride and how he never wants to ride that elevator ride every again.
ha - noted kids.
we had a fast pass for disney junior live show that late afternoon.
which was perfect to get out of the rain, again.
the kids loved the show.
henry was mesmerized and very active during the show - it was cute.
after the show we had fast passes for toy story mania and it was AWESOME.
we were ready to hop right back on and do it again.  lol.
we killed some time after that and used a snack credit for a funnel cake.
and then headed to our last fast pass, frozen sing along.
it was SO GOOD.
perfect for adults, kids, everyone.
i would recommend this to anyone!
after the show, guess what, it was raining!
so were OVER the rain by then so we decided to X fantasmic and just head back to our hotel.
we had some food credits to use up so we got a big ole pizza and bought a six pack of beer.
guess how much the 6 pack of coors light cost?
$15!!  not even kidding you.
once we ate jon and stella decided to go for a night swim and henry and i chilled in the room.
we were all in bed early that night.
tomorrow was our last day, we had breakfast reservations to make and a plane to catch!


Adrien said...

We have definitely had those rainy days (and nights!) You know, you may have been at your resort when we were there that night, gosh darn it!

If it makes you feel any better, I don't think you made the wrong choice for your second park! Especially with your kids' ages. There really aren't a ton of family rides at ANY of the parks outside of the MK. (Yet! HS is getting ready for a huge overhaul!)

Eric couldn't convince our kids to go on the star wars ride, either. :D Love all of the pics! The picture of Stella and Henry in the poncho together cracks me up!