Disney Part 4

Friday, September 18, 2015

Disney Part 4

and just like that we had reached the last day of our vacation.
we were really kind of freaking about this day.
we had a TIGHT morning schedule.
breakfast at ohana's at 9:20 and then we had to be back at our hotel by 10:30 to catch the magical express which was taking us to the airport for our flight.
i went down to the front desk the night before to see if we can catch a later bus to the airport and they weren't letting that happen.
supposedly disney isn't a fan of families running to catch their planes.
geesh, don't they know what a little excitement is?!
so we rolled with it.
most places tell you to allow an hour or two for character dining.
we had about 40 minutes to do all of this.
so we headed out that morning to for our reservations.
we took the bus to MK and then a boat ride to the Polynesian.
which was fun.
and that resort - wowza - i wana stay there next time.
however jon looked up the rates and it's like $320 a night.
but the atmosphere was SO cool.
it's very Hawaiian (hence why we were going there to meet lilo and stitch) and it's right on the water and there's a little beach and jon could go on another fishing trip and the food oh my word i can't even begin to describe the food.  my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
it was the BEST BEST BEST breakfast food we have had in a LONG time.
and someone said their dinners there are even better.
hell i don't even care about that $320 a night - we HAVE to stay!
anyways, breakfast was heavenly.
but we had to eat quick.
we met lilo and stitch and then headed down to catch a cab back to AoA because we didn't think waiting for the bus we would make it.
i think the cab ride was like $20, which wasn't bad, but sucked because when we got back to our resort we ended up waiting 20 minutes for our magical express bus.
boo.  we totally could have taken the bus and saved $20.
but that's ok.
we finally got on the magical express and made it to the airport.
had to take a picture by this fountain.
it was pretty cool and very relaxing.
we waited about two hours for our flight - but the kids did really good with the waits.
once we got on the plane henry zonked out.  he slept 75% of the flight.
when he woke up he said "that was a great flight!"
lol - i bet buddy!
my boss picked us up from the airport.
he had our car washed, vacuumed, waxed and the gas tank filled up - SO nice.
then when we got back to his house he had made us some dinner to put in the oven that night and got us the most adorable gift.
seriously how perfect is this?
once we got on the road to head home we stopped by nana's to visit and then headed out to jon's mom and dad's house where they had made us dinner and we talked disney and wedding.
we got home around 8:00 that night and loved on our doggies for awhile.
they were in great care with our dog sitter all week but i think it was clear to say they missed us.

we had SUCH a great trip.
i honestly can't stop telling people that.
everything about it was just so good.
we have officially caught the disney fever and i am SO ready to go back!


Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

I just read all your Disney posts and as much as I don't want Mav to grow up I CANNOT wait to take him!!!

Your ring is gorg and I can't wait for all the wedding posts!!!!!!

Adrien said...

Aw, what a great ending! So many people who stay at the Polynesian never stay at another resort after that - they love it! And what a great boss you have. :) Really enjoyed all of the posts!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

We are HUGE LILO and Stitch fans at our house. When we went to Dinsey Caroline was 4 and William was a year old. He was going through the "lets put everything and everyone in our mouth" phase. He was literally trying to eat people when they would walk by and Caroline said "he is being a Stitch". And it stuck, William was known as Stitch for the next few years. 😜

I am glad ya'll had a great time at Disney, it truely is a magical place!