Disney Part 2

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Disney Part 2

rise and shine it's Magic Kingdom Day!
the park was set to open at 9:00 and we were told to get there early to see Mickey come in.
maybe that's what jon should have bribed me with to get me to the airport in time?
ha - regardless we were well ahead of schedule on this day.
we were walking out of our hotel room at 8:00, got coffee, got to the bus line and we were at the park before 8:30.
like inside the park waiting for mickey and the gang to show up on the train.
by 8:30ish the show was starting and they ended up opening the park about fifteen minutes early.
it was awesome - or wait - magical.
because i am pretty sure that's the perfect word to describe magic kingdom.
and i also truly believe they pump something into the air there.
everyone is just SO dang happy.
run into the back of my legs with a stroller, i will turn around and smile and tell you it's totally fine.
like seriously - happiest.place.ever.
and i have to agree....
anyways, we had a plan for this day.
thanks to a quick little meeting with adrien i knew what to do and when to do it.
we didn't have a fast pass for peter pan so if we wanted to ride it and not have to wait over and hour to do so, we needed to head STRAIGHT there.
yep - fly through the gates, no looking at the shops, just pass right by the castle (which ruined everything for jon's plans, sorry babe!) and get to the ride.
hi castle, bye castle.
when we got to the ride and parked our strollers it said it was a 10 minute wait.
which i am pretty sure it just took us 10 minutes to get through the maze of a line because when we got up to the ride we walked right on!
jon knew right away that this was the best place ever because about 90% of the "line" you had to wait in was air conditioning.  for just about every.single.ride.
disney - i tell you what - they think of everything.
after we got off the peter pan ride, it's a small world boat ride was just right across from it.
jon asked if this was on the list - i said it was.  it only had a five minute wait so we headed right in.
this ride is about a 20 passenger boat and takes you on about a five minute ride.
seriously the boat in front of us was completely empty.  behind us.  empty.  and we were the only four people on our boat.
we took off and we were ohh-ing and ahh-ing over things.
just the four of us.
of course all sitting in the same row.
even though we had the whole boat to ourselves.  lol.
kids in the middle, grown ups on the end.
jon has his arm around all of us and taps me on the shoulder.
tells me he loves me - mostly because i'm still thinking he's pumped about the air conditioned lines, and then says "will you marry me?"
i reply with "babe, stop, enjoy the ride."
you know because we ask each other to marry each other all the time?!
i have no freaking idea.  lol.  ayi - cassie.
jon says "babe, i have the ring right here!" and shows me.
well hot damn - this place seriously is magical.
i said YES, we kissed, the kids were pumped and stella exclaims how she kept a secret and didn't tell anyone.
wait, what?! yep - come to find out jon has had this ring since july.  JULY!
how did i not know?
he told stella OVER two weeks before the trip.
AND showed her the ring wednesday night before we left.
and i had NO CLUE.
AND stella didn't tell a SOUL.
lord help me, if she can keep this kind of secret from me at 5, imagine what she won't tell me at 15.
anyways - back to the ride.
i am pretty sure the rest of the ride none of us could stop smiling.
henry proclaimed he was going to be batman at our wedding and honestly i really don't remember anything about the ride.
it was nice and cool and relaxing and magical.
and a ride i remember nothing about but will never forget!
we got off the boat and jon started texting everyone.
oh yeah because seriously EVERYONE knew - but me.
his parents, my parents, his brothers, my sisters, 90% of his friends.
lol - i was like babe - put the phone down, we have rides to get to.  lol.
seriously though, we had five rides that we were going to try our best to get done before our 10:30 brunch reservations and we had them done before 9:30.
the lines were SO SHORT.  the wait times were SO SHORT.
it was magical.
is that on your nerves yet?  i think some of that disney air is back in my house.  lol.
we took this photo on the tea cups.  because i am pretty sure i just couldn't stop smiling and looking at it.  lol.
by time we got to our reservations at Be Our Guest we got a chance to call some of our family and friends.  which was nice to be able to sit down and talk and do that.
everyone was so excited!
oh yeah and Be Our Guest was just ok - probably wouldn't do it again.  no characters and the food menu wasn't the best for kids.  and no one wants to eat lunch at 10:30 a.m.  probably the only meal we regret.
whew ok - so back to what we did and rode.
our first characters at MK were Alice and the White Rabbit.  and we maybe waited five minutes.
 we found stitch and buzz hanging out in tomorrowland.  both short lines.
seriously - so magical.
tomorrowland was ok.  just ok.
the kids HATED the stitch ride.  and i have to admit it was creepy.
the monster's inc show was a nice break from the heat.  and pretty funny.
we did not get to ride the toy story ride.  we didn't have a fast pass and the line was 75 minutes.
the kids were pretty much scared after the stitch ride (which is right across the way) and just wanted to get out of tomorrowland.
we did catch a train ride while we were over in that area.  which was nice.
we headed over to frontier land and caught the afternoon parade and jon and i used some snack credits for two dole whips.
so so so so so good!
the parade was great!  hot, but great!  we had a seat right in the front and the kids hung out in the stroller and enjoyed it.  as did jon and i, just not in the stroller.  we just enjoyed it.
you know what i mean.
we had a pretty much free late afternoon.
it did rain a little bit and everything shut down.  so we walked around trying to find something to do.
next thing we knew we had reservations at the crystal palace for dinner.
the wait was kind of long even though we had reservations, but no one seemed to mind.
because NO ONE gets mad at disney.
seriously i believe they pump stuff in the air, i tell you what!
we got to meet pooh and his friends at the crystal palace.
which of course jon got a kick out of every time we said we were going to the crystal palace.
why?  just google it.  wait - don't if you are at work and leave near us.
IT might come talk to you.  lol.
after dinner we tried to find some other characters who we thought would still be out but they were done for the day.  
so we got our picture taken in front of the castle.  because what's a trip without a picture like this.
we hopped in and checked out the presidential exhibit and film.
hands down - amazing.  wait, magical.  but seriously, they bring the presidents to life and that is SUPER cool.  we loved the film.  i would recommend it to anyone.
and the kids did great sitting through it too.  i think it was like 15 minutes or something.
before we knew it it was time to meet the big dogs.
yep - fast passes for Anna and Elsa.  HOLLA!!
we managed to find tink later that evening too.
which was a bit of a wait, but you guessed it, in the ac so we didn't care.
henry refused to get a picture with her.  i have no idea why.  lol.
next thing we knew it was 10:00 and it was firework time.
henry thought this was a great time to fall asleep.  so he took himself a nice nap.
through the fireworks and all.  lol.
they did an awesome light show on the castle before the fireworks.
super cool - i mean, magical!  lol.
after the fireworks we headed to our last fast pass of the night.  an awesome seat for the 11:00 lighted parade.  henry was still sleeping and stella was cool with hanging out in the stroller until it started, so jon headed to get us all something to drink.
and then he came back with starbucks and i was reminded all over again why i said yes!
love that man - he knows me SO well.
it was exactly what i needed.
the lighted parade was seriously awesome and our seats were great!
gave us a ton of ideas for the golf carts at holiday world.  lol.
kidding.  well, kinda of.
when the parade was over we made a run for the bathrooms and then headed back to our hotel.
it was midnight when we walked out of the park.
8 am - midnight at MK.
i would say we got our money's worth out of magic kingdom.
however i would say these two were pooped - but man they did SO awesome!!

at this point i was nervous - could we handle another day of parks tomorrow?
we were dead tired!
stay tuned - Hollywood Studios tomorrow!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

TEARS! What a magical day!! "babe, I have the ring right here".... so funny and so, so sweet! I can just imagine your face when he put that gorgeous ring on your finger.. ahhhh!

Love, love the Buzz Lightyear pic. He's a favorite at our house. All the parades at MK are so much fun, especially the lighted parade.

Adrien said...

Ahhhh! Love it! :) You can just see how happy everyone is.

I'm glad your plans worked out so well. I am cracking up that you marched right past the castle to get to Peter Pan. :D The heat can be brutal, but those short lines are so worth it!! (Oh my gosh, I'm sorry you endured the Stitch ride. We've never been on it, because I've heard things!) You guys are such troopers - from open to close! You definitely got your money's worth!

Love your picture with Alice and the White Rabbit. I think that's my favorite!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Oh my gosh....I love the proposal!!

And you're so making me miss Disney and I don't get to go back till June!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

What a magical day! I am so happy for you and Jon!