Food for Thought

Friday, August 7, 2015

Food for Thought

i have seen about 10 posts for fall already on my facebook.
and at least a half dozen pumpkin references.
which gets me thinking about pumpkin spice lattes.
and trust me i was so very close to buying one the other morning.
it was a chilly little morning, kind of foggy, and it just screamed fall is so close.
it took everything in my power not to walk down the street and get a psl.
actually the creepy people in the cwe that come out sometimes really is what stopped me.
like where do these people come from?
i am really working on my city street face.
i think i have mastered it.  because no one tries messing with me.
and it makes me feel bad ass.
anyways - 
i held strong and i did NOT go to starbucks.
nice job cassie.
two more months.
and then this morning i came across this baby.
and i am pretty glad i didn't indulge.
holy smokes people - we have some serious problems!!
i am by no means a daily starbucks drinker but could you imagine?!?
i promise i am totally not going to throw a fit about $9 dunkin donuts bagged coffee that will last me over a month from the grocery store compared to these kind of stats.
every single one i was like damn.....!!!!!

but anyways, i totally needed to share.
and hope you enjoy.
ok and fine, i will get at least one psl this fall.
maybe five.
but that's it.
i think.....

have a good weekend!!