Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

back at it this week.
we had a nice little weekend.
friday i worked at ck.
the kids were with their dad.
once i got home from work i took a nice long bath, read the newspaper and enjoyed some leftover ice cream cake.
it was screaming my name.
and it was almost a week old.  someone needed to eat it.
jon got home around 10;30, we chatted for a bit and then zonked out.
saturday we were both off work.
we had plans to go on a jeep run.
we got picked up around 11 and we had such a fun time.
home by 9 and sleeping.
momma can't hang like the young ones anymore.
everything hurt on sunday morning.

sunday was a LAZY day.
we met my mom for breakfast and then did some shopping at wal-mart.
headed home and took a nice long afternoon nap.
and had ice cream.  because it cures everything.
before the kids got home we decided to do some ear candling.
ahhhhh - it felt so good.
i let jon go first (and only burnt him a little bit, ha).
but then he did mine and did so good.
i mean this is some serious trust letting a flame get 4 inches from your HAIR!
but man oh man do my ears feel so good.
and yes, all of that came out of my ears.
we headed to pick up the kids at 5 and then headed to do their school shopping.
we got just about everything they both need and their bookbags are full.
this is really getting real.
henry was even walking around the house with his bookbag on.
and i just wanted to cry.  deep breaths.
while at target we had to grab some stabucks and we discovered these new babies.
LOVE them!!
after target we ate at BWW and then got caught in that nasty storm coming home.
it was scary!!
we luckily made it home safe and then had to put together henry's new "not his birthday present" toy.  ayi.  that kid.
he is lucky he is cute.
oh yeah and we got these babies in!!

here's to a great week!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry ear candling??! What the?!