It's Ok Thursday

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's Ok Thursday

happy thursday!!

we have been busy, busy, busy - but what's new.
everyone is officially registered for school as of last night.
even if the dog ate the most important piece of paper we were given yesterday while registering henry.
yeah i totally can't be that mom that calls back up to the school asking for a new piece of paper because my dog ate it.  ayi.....
moving on....

it's ok.....
that i broke my streak from blogging yesterday.
i am taking a public speaking class at work and yesterday was one of our speech days.
we were giving our speeches to the class before.
which means more people in the room, more eyes looking at your, more nerves, more sweat.
so more practice.
i feel SO good about how my speech went.
it could have been the beers i had before the speech though.
ha - a little liquid courage.
man i love my job.

it's ok....
if i indulged in this amazing gyro on monday.
it's been so long.
and it's so so good.

it's ok....
to feel like a kid when getting this e-mail.
as soon as they arrive it's going to feel SO DANG REAL.
i mean making that final payment made it feel real too, but this is the REAL DEAL.
i am SO pumped for disney!!

it's ok....
if you just don't understand those car commericals and how their hair can just blow straight back like that.  mine is all over the place.  
people have to be driving by like "what is wrong with that girl?'

it's ok....
that we had a 8:00 gym date last night.
it was SO worth it.
stella and i nailed our handstands! 
doesn't matter when you workout - as long as you get one in.

happy friday eve!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for family workouts and hand stands

Adrien said...

Eeep! No day like Magic Band day!! :D You'll have to let me know what time your reservation for O'hana is on Monday. ;) I'm thinking the only possible meet up might be at your resort that morning...but maybe this is a better conversation had via PM, haha.

So impressed by you taking a speech class! I actually enjoy giving speeches, but I do NOT miss those nerves beforehand. Good for you!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Beer while at work.... um how I can I work with you???

I'd be super excited too for a Disney vacation!!!! I still have 10 months before I get to go back :(

Anonymous said...

Reading about your work public speaking class reminded me of Mrs. Delaney's class when you, Kathy & I did a presentation together. Speed talker :) Good idea though get it over with faster!

I think you win coolest mom of the year award!! You guys have had (and are going to have) such as awesome summer!