Five on Friday!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday!

i started my morning at 3:45 a.m.
well, sort of.
we are turning over a unit this morning and well we want it to be perfect.
i have been walking around in booties all morning.  so fashionable, i tell you what.
come on 11:00, i will be able to breath SO much easier then.
well, hopefully.
maybe i should wait and say that in december.
when we have 177 units turned over.
not just one.

on to my top five of the week!

just a handful of more days and this guy will be FOUR.
i think he just about has all the rotten threes out of him.
my little sweeties is coming back - and i love it!

we had orientation for this little girl last night.
well, technically it was just a parents thing.
but we got to meet her teacher and see who is all in her class and learn what will go on day to day.
she is SO excited for school.
and i am SO excited for her!

technically this one should be for jon.
man i just love him!  he does so much for my kids and i am so thankful for him.
the other morning henry wasn't wanting to get up (and most of the time we don't want to poke the bear).  so him and jon slept in that morning.
jon needed to do some stuff in the woods and it didn't even phase him if taking henry was a question.  he loaded him right on up and enjoyed every second of it.
and well, so did henry.
even 15' in the air.

we are wigging out.  lol.
i am going on a party bus so we all had to try on the wig the other night.

i am feeling confident enough to wear the high waisted shorts.
i am kind of digging this outfit.
we will see.  i might try it out in an area where no one really knows me first.  ha.
let the judging eyes begin. 

we have such a nice little weekend plan.
excited about it.
have a good one - be safe!


Anonymous said...

I like the shorts. They look grown up. A lot better than shorts that leave nothing to the imagination.

Anonymous said...

I think you mistyped. You said Henry will be 4 soon. That's not possible. STELLA will be 4 soon!

You. Look. Awesome!!! Loving the high waisted shorts on you.