Lovable Livable Home - Coming to St. Louis

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lovable Livable Home - Coming to St. Louis

last night while scrolling through facebook i came across some VERY exciting news.
my favorite people are coming to ST. LOUIS!!
ok wait - technically they are two people i have never met.
complete strangers.
so yeah - this is going to get awkward.
but come on, when you read someone's blog for SO long you feel like you know them.
like people you see on facebook and then meet in real life.
and then you try not to mention weird creepy things you know about them because of facebook.
yeah that is totally going to happen to me when i meet them.
like "oh clara i love that her hair fits in a pony tail now."
and here i got this for burger!
and did yo know our kids are really close in age.
and they are going to be like "security!!"
no joke.

so let's get to the details.
john and sherry from young house love are going on tour with their second book.
and yes - they are coming to St. Louis.
funny - they are actually coming to a jobsite that we just re-did.
ha - you're welcome sherdog.
because of course we just remodeled it for them.
red carpet and all.

wait - back to the details.
they are coming on friday, october 2 at 7:00.
see - their website even says it!
which means wednesday morning i will be there setting up my tent.
no joke.
check here to see if they are coming to a store near you.

i will be wearing all black - for sherry.
because we are meant to be best friends.
because our entire closet consists of black.
and we have no shame.

so i originally asked my mom for the new book for my birthday but i am pretty sure i will look insane if i show up without the book (since my birthday isn't until november) so i am going to have to get that pre-ordered pronto and pray hard it gets here before the 2nd of october.
ps - you can pre-order here.
and then take my fresh new book (and the first book, thanks mom for that one ) and get them signed.
and then do nothing the rest of the weekend but stare at the book.

seriously - the blog crush i have on these two is insane and i am SO excited!!

i gotta go, i need to go through my black shirts and see which one i am going to wear!


Adrien said...

Haha, that IS exciting! Always so much fun to meet someone you feel like you know. :D I hope it's a great turn out for them!

Amanda aka Manda said...

SOOOOOO jealous! I love them!