Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

we had such a nice little weekend!!
and now it's 90 degrees and i have an awesome summer cold.
like what the hell?!
my throat is all gross, my nose won't stop running.
heck, my kids aren't even back in school yet and i am sick.
i thought they are the ones who bring the colds home.
who knows.
i am dosing up on sinus meds and crossing my fingers.
i am off tomorrow to take the kids to school so let's pray i feel better!

on to the weekend......

friday night stella and henry headed with papa to celebrate my grandpa's 75th birthday.
then they were headed to aunt lacie and phi's house to spend the night.
first time ever and they were excited!!
i was off to celebrate my bff's 28th birthday.
and it was a wig party.
ha - this picture was taken at our first stop.
we had a blast!!

saturday morning the kids were back at 7:30 and we chilled most of the morning.
we met up with some people i work with and their kids and picked peaches at eckarts.
oh my goodness the peaches are SO good!!
when we got done there we met up with papa in town and got some bbq.
stella requested these chips.
she is obsessed with them.
i had like one and that was about enough for me.
saturday night we headed to jon's grandparents house for cornfest.
the food was great, especially the corn.
i think we were all passed out by 9:30.

sunday morning we got up early and headed to springfield for the fair.
we were going to meet Paw Patrol and they kids were so excited!!
we waited in line for 45 minutes in the heat - for ONE picture!
i mean, at least it was a good picture.  lol.
and of course we had to stop and see the butter cow.
yes, that's a huge cow.
sculpted out of butter.
and a farmer.
and if you look really close there's a calf and a young boy.
all made out of butter.
worth the trip - i tell you what.  lol.
we headed back to danielle's house to cool off and then got on the road by 5.
again, we all crash and were out early.
i would say our last weekend of summer break was a great way to end it!