Life Lately

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life Lately

so let's catch up....
when i last left you my mom had just moved to waterloo.
she is settled in nicely and the kids love her new place.

since most of you think we have just been being lazy bums, vacationing, swimming and laying out.  i have to admit, that's the case for S&H and their friends.
this photo just cracks me up!
such a rough life!

i do have to announce that i FINALLY beat my dad in the fireman's dash 5k.
this was our third year of "racing" and i finally won.
i do have to brag on him, he got first place in his age group - go dad!

along with the fireman's dash comes the fireman's picnic.
faye joined us on some rides one night and stella was LOVING it!

 aunt lacie stepped up and watched the kids while dad and i raced on friday night.
PTL for aunt lacie!!

we have been hitting up DQ a few too many times a week.
what can we say, we love that place!

and poor ab had to have an emergency visit to the vet the other week.
she got stung by a wasp inside her paw.
it was scary. her poor paw had swollen up to twice it's normal size.
we are happy to report she is back to her normal self and happy.
lucy on the other hand, ate the dog sitter's entire package of birth control while we were on vacation.
yeah, explain that to the pharmacist..... ayi.

of course never a dull moment around here!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Oh Lucy, bahahaha. You can't make this stuff up!!