Dragon Boat

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dragon Boat

my mom is very adventerous.
this year she asked me if i was interested in being on her dragon boat team.
i have never done it before so i said sure.
i honestly had NO IDEA what i was getting myself into.
all i was told is that they need 20 people and we race two times.
so i googled it and got this picture.
oh yeah, and only get one evening (for one hour) of practice.
ahhhhh - here goes nothing.
the thursday night of practice it was raining, lighting and cold.
and when we showed up at the lake there were actually people there saving some guy from his boat.
oh awesome - can't WAIT!
needless to say we didn't get to "practice" much due to the weather.
so when i woke up saturday morning, i drank a spark and wished myself the best.
here is a photo of our team (plus our biggest cheerleader, stella).
this is team Y-Knot's third year in this race.  and they actually won the entire thing in 2011.  pretty cool!  they are comprised of people of all ages.  which i think is even better.
we were feeling really good about our team.
we jumped in the boat for our first race and killed it.
we won and we were feeling GREAT.
seriously, it's about a 2 minute race (400 meters) i felt like i was in shape, holy smokes, this is a totally different kind of work out!
we won our second heat and before we knew it we were in fourth place out of 36 teams.
we were in the final heat (there's four boats) and the race was on.
do you see that photo finish!!
we ended up in third out of 36 teams overall.
still AMAZING.
and such a cool experience!
couldn't have done it without my biggest fans (who totally deserved medals that day as well).
and jon - who is the BEST photographer ever!



Shannon Snodgrass said...

How awesome! If you ever need a fill in, I'm in!!

Cassie said...

YES!! will totally keep you in mind for next year!