Five on Friday!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

happy friday!!
this grandma is GLAD the weekend is here.
whew - this week has been LONG and rough.
well, it's had it's ups and downs.
work is STRESSFUL the grays are coming in left and right.
on top of that i decided this week to take out my belly button ring.
my mom took me to get it pierced for my 15th birthday.
it has literally been out during the delivery of my children and that's it.
ha - gross, i know.
i just think it was time - ahhhh - there goes my youth.
see what i mean?

whew - this grandma needs some wheel of fortune and pie this evening.

on to the top five.......

we headed out to the monroe county fair last night and we had a BLAST!!
the kids LOVED the rides, the food, the animals, the people.
ahhh - happy everyone.

you know how i said this week has been a doosey.
let's just talk about the food i consumed as well.
so good - but SO BAD!
steve's dogs on the hill.
oh my gosh!
yes, that's mac and cheese - on a hot dog.
oh yeah and i had two (yes i said two) of these this week.
that looks like an extra 100 burpees....
but so worth it.

we have spent SO much time outside this week.
stella is a bike riding fool.
and henry is the fastest shirtless runner i have ever seen - no joke.
that boy can run!

these two - man i just love them so much.
they are growing up so fast.
school will be here before we know it.
they are just the best, and they deserve a great kids shout out this week!

i made it back to the #5amclub all week this week and it.felt.great.
i am SO sore but i am loving it.
those arms are like hey - remember when i looked good, ayi.  we will get there.
had to post this selfie because it was #washyourhairwednesday
ha - the comments i got on instagram cracked me up.
i am all about the dirty hair lately and honestly it doesn't even look or feel dirty when i haven't washed it for four days.  or five.  lol.

enjoy the great weather this weekend!!
or go play some bingo at the rocher picnic!


Anonymous said...

Nice job posting 5 days in a row.....

Cassie is back.

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm dying for one of those cookie ice cream sandwiches right now!!!