Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

let's chalk it up to another relaxing weekend.
ahhhh - i love it!
i should really say that our weekend started on thursday.
we headed to the fair and had a BLAST!
we got to meet up with the lukes and it was perfect!
the kids loved the roller coasters.
and the animals.
henry thinks we need a goat now too.  ayi.
friday night we had plans for some of the kids friends to come over and swim.
and then the pool turned green.
one of stella's friends still ended up coming over and they had a good time.
the kids all played upstairs and i cleaned house.
and then they got a craving for brownies - holla.
they did so good making them too!  and they tasted delicious.
saturday morning we all woke up in the same house and had no plans.
everyone was home and it was SO NICE!!
we ended up running to walmart and visiting with nana for awhile before we headed back to town to get stella to a birthday party in the afternoon.
she was SO excited to get to go to flex for the party.
look at her go!
while she was at her party we just had ourselves a relaxing afternoon.  lol.
well, henry did at least.
our poor neighbors.....
we headed to the rocher picnic later that evening for a delicious meal and then we sweated it all out.  holy smokes it was HOT!
i did introduce my children to poker and stella is a total good luck charm.
we won twice in just four games!  ha.
sunday i worked at CK and the kids hung out at home with jon.
once i got home we swam, swam and swam some more.
then grilled out for dinner.
stella had been talking about wanting to download minecraft most of the afternoon.
so i caved and downloaded it.
ayi - and now they are glued.
and i have NO IDEA what is even going on.  lol.
any help is greatly appreciated.

have a great week!!


The A Team said...

Hi Cassie..it sounds like an awesome wknd. And yes, I think that the wknd starts on Thursday, and ends on Monday! Your kids are adorable!!! Mmm..brownies! Good that you encouraged them to make them :)

Adrien said...

Great weekend! Catching up on your blogs this week! :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Oh Henry!!

Looks like a wonderful weekend! I wish I could have been swimming Sunday instead of fighting all the rain!