Five on Friday!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday!

happy friday!!
sorry for the late post, i had a little "procedure" done yesterday.
ok - maybe not little.
quick, but not little.
i got LASIK.
and oh my gosh it was AMAZING.
full recap next week.
but if you have the opportunity to do it - GO!
so on to the top five!

our littlest sista turn 21.
and we had to break her in right with tequila shots.
put on your big girl pants candace!!

baby nathan turned one!!
his mommy put on the cutest little baseball party.

my aunt rachel has one awesome garden and she offers up veggies to us a lot.
i cooked up this squash and zuchini lasagna.
and it was the

we have been loving the sun this week and swimming a ton.
henry however - refuses to wear sunscreen.
and that is why he is crying.
you know the hashtags #whymykidiscrying
this picture would be perfect for it.
poor baby.

dairy queen brownie batter blizzard.
nothing else i need to say.
thank you for coming back into my life.

have a great weekend!


Jen @ South in the City said...

Number one, I would love that lasagna reciepe, looks yummy!! And two, I a
SO need that blizzard in my life!!!! Thanks...I think lol