Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

we had SUCH a nice low key weekend.
i vow to have more of those.
friday night the kids and i joined my dad and pam for dinner and then they were off to have their first ever sleepover at papa's house.
no news is good news and everyone made it through the night!
i had to work at ck and jon was working some overtime, so aunt lacie to the rescue and she picked them up around noon.
i met them at her house around 2, we ran to wal-mart to do some shopping and then made some plans to go swim at jon's parents house
aunt lacie decided to join us too.
henry swam a good portion of the time we were there; then needed his netflix fix.
ayi, really he just needed a nap.  lol.
so we headed home, ate and watched a movie.
even jon said "we haven't done this in forever!"
sunday morning jon was up early to fish.  the rest of us slept in and then when jon got back we headed to ck for breakfast.
stella got something awesome from kim - her very own selfie stick.
she LOVES it!  cracks me up.
stella and i had a baby shower to attend that afternoon so the boys went out into the woods to check trail cameras.  they stumbled upon this little guy.
and yes - brought him home.
his name is Zach, full name, Zach the Friend.
henry says he only listens to him.  lol.
stella isn't too sure about him.
neither of them will touch him.  ayi.....
i am an officially kid mom, dog mom, and now turtle mom.

the rest of the afternoon we spent outdoors checking on zach, playing play dough, and going for a bike ride.  stella did AWESOME!!  she made it from our house to the fire station and back ALL by herself on her bike.
ahhhhh - the stroller feels SO much lighter!!
of course my son is wearing a helmet, he is supporting his sister.
who refuses to wear one....
you win some, you lose some.
later on we got a text from jami for a late evening run.
the kids were up to play at the park with jon while jami and i busted out a little over two miles.
it felt so good!!
especially seeing these two cuties at the finish line!

and my monday is off to a great start too!
woke up early and made it to flex - it felt SO good to be back
had the kids in bed for their "school bedtime" last night so they were awesome and cooperative this morning.  and made it to work by 7:30 - holla!!

have a great day!