Destin - The Nightlife

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Destin - The Nightlife

our nights didn't get too wild while on vacation.
i think the craziest we got was when we thought it would be a good idea to have all of these crazy birds placed on us and get our picture taken.  ha.
it was hilarious!!
and totally worth it for the $5 or $10 it was.
our first night we headed down to Harborwalk and caught some of the fireworks, grabbed some ice cream and then did the bird picture.
WILD night for us!!
our resort was right next to Fudpuckers.
oh man the kids LOVED this place.
one for the alligators, one for the empty stage (where they decided to put on a performance themselves) and two for the arcade.
holding the alligator was pretty cool.
well for me and stella - as you can see from Henry's face, he was scared out of his MIND!
however still to this day he talks about how "we" got to hold the alligator.
jon must already be teaching him how to tell fishing stories.  lol.

probably one of the most awesome parts of our trip was hanging out with our old neighbors.
hilarious we had to travel 12 hours to do it, but totally worth it!
when my parents were married we lived next to the couple on the left and their two children.
their daughter is a few years old than my older sister and their son (who wasn't there) is my age.
we were always playing together and have tons of memories made in good ole renault.
their daughter and her family now live near destin and when they saw on facebook we were headed down, at the same time their parents were as well, we decided to all meet up!
they told us about a pirate cruise and well, pirate is really all you had to tell henry and he was IN!
it was cute, we literally boarded a ship, went out on the water and the kids got to take part in an event for about two hours.
some hats, swords and a few mustaches later.  it was worth every penny!
one night we ventured out to a "must go" we were told to stop at, The Back Porch
and oh my GAWD it was SO GOOD.  pricey, but GOOD!
i mean yeah, seriously, go there.
if your wallet can handle it.
the back porch was our last night out of our trip.
it was a maxi dress night.  well, for the girls.
and a great end to a great trip!


Amanda aka Manda said...

You seriously make me want to go to Destin!